How Warren Buffett went from $0 in 1930 to $1,000,000 in 1961

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Who is the dude?

Probably the name Warren Buffett means something to everyone who is on this platform. At the latest after the famous dinner with Sunnyboy this person should be known to everyone here.

Everyone who is involved in investing will come across this name anyway. So I have also dealt with the person many years ago, but without going deeper into the history. However, it is this history that can actually provide the most excitement and probably the most lessons. Therefore, I am really happy that I can share with you an exciting Youtube video that illuminates exactly this history.

The video vividly depicts the situations Buffett encountered in the years 1930-1961 and how he made his way to his first million during this period. The video is a bit longer at 40 minutes, but after my successful quality assurance I would say that these minutes could hardly be better invested. (Guess they could, but I liked the sentence.)

For me, such biographies are always particularly interesting when I think I have discovered some intersections with my own person. Like many of you I am sure, I am also permanently occupied with the question of how I can build up and expand my wealth in the long term and, if possible, achieve a position in which I can contribute to more change (also with regard to the capital available to me).

The first step is always important, and I've been at it for a long time. If you're just at a point where you're thinking how you can only start "something this big," here's my humble advice: start first and then make a plan.

And laugh at me if you want, but I know planners who have been planning for years and still haven't taken the first step today. Just out of fear of not falling down. I've gotten back on my feet several times in that time after a setback, so I've had experiences that planners run out of time for. And remember, your time is the most valuable thing you have. On that note:

Here's to taking the first step.

Author's comment:

The author notes that you should never refer to a person, an exact history, or finite situations. But there is no harm in stimulating one's horizon to change. In the end, it is a moment that changes everything that man never thought would change everything. In German they say "Unverhofft kommt oft" and the Germans have good proverbs.

Author's comment on Author's comment:

The author notes that the evaluation of German proverbs that took place in the above comment is in no way due to a subjective perspective of the author or a national affiliation, but is to be accepted as a universally valid fact.

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