1UP - A New HIVE Outpost For PlayToEarn Blockchain Games And NFT Assets

A new Hive-Engine token has been created, called ONEUP. It powers a new outpost community called 1UP, which is dedicated to the blockchain…

How to Buy, Stake and Earn SPT tokens with and Hive-Engine

If you're relatively new to Splinterlands and Hive more generally you may have noticed that you can earn SPS (Splintershards tokens)…

Brave now supports Gemini custodian wallet

Brave has been my browser of choice for a while now. It is faster, more secure, more private, and has the potential to earn rewards…

SpkNetwork: A Powerful DAO Coming To Hive

We are just starting to see the beginning of the experimentation with an entirely new business model called the **decentralized autonomous…

Introducing Ape Mining Club

I am proud to introduce the Ape Mining Club game built on the Hive blockchain! Ape Mining Club will launch in around 24 hours from…

It Was Never About DEC Anyway - Quest Potion Silliness

With the recent news that spending credits on Quest Potions has been suspended in Splinterlands, I've seen so much whining and negativity…

Don't spend your DEC on potions : A beginner guide to buy your potions at a cheap price using the binance smart chain (BSC)

A few months ago, DEC was cheap enough to buy all kinds of potions. Since then, DEC has skyrocketed. However, the price of potions has…

This is about survival, not wealth.

The environment is changing. And when the environment changes, two things happen: Evolution Extinction The more…

Earning more than a million

I have spent the last few hours readjusting some of the positions of my shitcoins alts , as I still felt I had too much sitting on…

How To Earn SPT With Your Splinterlands Posts And Get Daily SPT and SPS Payouts

What Is SPT? The Splintertalk token SPT was created by Splinterlands as a Hive-Engine tribe on the second layer of HIVE during the first…

Gaming: The Next Phase Of Cryptocurrency

We see cryptocurrency go through many different phases. It is all part of the evolutionary process. As we grow, we see the industry…

Venture Capitalists And Communities

Many are beginning to see the value in communities and the potential as a basis for most everything. While this is certainly the…

Metaverse: Universal Avatars

This is a topic that is starting to get a bit of coverage. Whereas not long ago, the concept of the Metaverse was relegated to the…

HBD: The "Safe" Stablecoin?

The Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) is making a lot of progress. Since it came into focus the last few months, a great deal was done to improve…

Live off crypto and expect a fight

A lot of us would like to reach the dream position of "living off crypto", but I suspect that for the vast majority, it will never be more…

Crypto And The Age Of Aquarius

Most of us heard of the different astrological signs and the Precession of the Equinox. Who among us hadn't checked our horoscopes from…