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Hello everyone.

I am writing this first article to introduce myself.

Who I am ?

My name is Antonin, I'm 25 years old and I'm French.
I have a professional degree in web development. After my internships in several companies, I decided to stop computer science right after my studies and I turned to sales.
I worked almost 3 years in the retail before launching my project Human-History and the account @human-history.
Today and for more than a month, I've been working as a logistics agent.
I have been registered for several years, first on Steem and then on Hive. My main account is @statorcrime. The articles are in French and I decided to start in the English speaking world as well.

My main passion is finance and more precisely investment. This account will allow me to share with you the evolution of my investments over the months.

Quick tour of my investments

It's been 3 years since I started investing.

I started simply with my life insurance. It is a French banking product that allows either to have savings with a guaranteed capital (Euro-denominated funds) with a low rate of return or to invest in more risky products (unit-linked contracts) like the stock market or real estate.
My life insurance is open since 1998 in Euro-denominated funds but I started to invest in unit-linked contracts on June 7, 2018 on the stock market via my bank's fund. So I moved 3000€ from Euro-denominated funds to unit-linked contracts.

Then, I discovered Crowdlending with October in early 2019 where I invested my first 100€ on March 3, 2019. Then, as time went by, I diversified between several platforms.

At the end of 2019, I opened my Equity Savings Plan (Plan Epargne en Action or PEA in French) and invested 150€ on October 28, 2019. My strategy is based on ETFs.

Finally, on April 25, 2020, I bought my first crypto-currencies on Binance. Although I started to be interested in it at the end of 2016 - beginning of 2017, but I had never invested in it.

I will do a detailed article for each of my investments to give you more information about my strategies, the evolution of my earnings and my goals.

My goals

My goal with these articles is to democratize investments and show that you can earn more money than by letting your money sleep on a simple account. Many people, especially in France, don't dare to start investing because of the risks involved.
For example, in France there is a savings product called "Livret A" which has a yield of 0.5%/year. A ridiculous return and yet, a large part of the French people put their money on it thinking to earn money without taking into account the inflation. I therefore wish to educate the population to alternative and much more lucrative investments.

My second objective is to invest every month on different investments. Following my resignation last year, I reduced the amounts invested. Currently and monthly, I invest 300€ in stock market, 100€ in Crowdlending and 50€ in crypto-currencies.

Finally, my long term goal, let's say 15-20 years, is to live off my investments. Not to be forced to work to earn money. For that, I estimate that I need to earn 50K€ per year before tax, knowing that in France, investments are generally taxed at 30% except in specific cases (PEA of more than 5 years → 17.2% and life insurance of more than 8 years → 0% for 4600€/year then 7.5%).

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That's all for today. Thanks for reading and have a nice day