Why Posting From LeoFinance is One of the Best Ways to Grow Our Token & Community

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We all know the history of tribe tokens on the Steem and now Hive blockchain. As token holders, long-term price appreciation is what we all want to see in these Hive-Based tokens. Whether it’s LEO or CTP or NEOXAG or any other tribe token, we want to see these second-layer rewards mechanisms grow over time so that our content, stake and curation activities are more valuable.

We are always thinking of ways to impact the long-term value of LEO, but there is one thing that disproportionately has an impact on the value of the LEO Token and it is something that is up to the community to take part in: using the LeoFinance & LeoDex interfaces.

There are a few reasons why using our interfaces has a positive impact on the LEO Token economy. I’ll dive into those reasons in this article.

  1. Ad Revenue
  2. Canonical Links
  3. @leo.voter Upvotes/Community Curation

Special shoutout to LeoFinance users @culgin and @trumpman who had a conversation about posting via LeoFinance and @trumpman recommended that we put out an official post (and LeoPedia reference) to explain this reasoning in a bit more detail.

1). Ad Revenue

Ad revenue is one of the most impactful aspects of the LEO Token economy. In case you didn’t know, LeoAds are displayed on all of our interfaces — whether you’re on LeoFinance or LeoDex or SteemLeoDex or one of our two new websites (both of which will be released in the next 2 weeks).



We’re partnered with the Coinzilla ad network and receive payments once a month which contribute to LEO burns where the ad revenue is used to buy LEO off the market and permanently burn it from the supply.

This is one of the most sustainable models for a token economy that is based on attention — we’ve modeled much of this after the Brave BAT ad burning program that has been extremely successful thus far for the BAT cryptocurrency.

Currently in the works is a page where any user can track the LeoAd burns in real-time. Expect it sometime in the next 2 weeks.

Ad revenue is one of the main reasons why LEO stakeholders/users should utilize the https://LeoFinance.io and https://dex.leofinance.io interfaces as much as possible (and turn your Brave shields off for our websites if you’re using the Brave browser).

The more ad revenue that comes in, the more sustainable the LEO Token rewards system becomes. Posting via LeoFinance displays a badge on your posts and also has a text snippet at the end that links back to the LeoFinance link which allows google to crawl it more efficiently — which means more search engine traffic over time.

2). Canonical Links

I won’t dive too deeply into the technicals of canonical links and how they work. In a basic sense, a canonical link is an authority measure used by search engines like Google.

When you post via PeakD.com and use the LeoFinance tag, the canonical link goes to Peakd.

When you post via LeoFinance.io, the canonical link goes to LeoFinance.

@trumpman explained this well in his conversation with @culgin about canonical links and posting via LeoFinance:

In short, posting via LeoFinance supports the long-term growth, authority and visibility of the https://leofinance.io interface.

3). @Leo.voter + Community Upvotes On Content Posted Via LeoFinance

The third reason why you should consider posting via LeoFinance is to earn greater upvotes from @Leo.voter, which is our Hive Power curation account.

Our proof of delegation script has recently moved over to Hive which means that users can delegate HIVE POWER to @leo.voter and earn LEO tokens every 24 hours (at an APR of roughly 16%).

We use this account to upvote content that is posted in the LeoFinance community (the hive-based community), but we give priority upvotes to content that is posted via LeoFinance.io.

For example, an average post in our Hive-based community (i.e. posted from Peakd in the LeoFinance community) earns an upvote at around 7-10% Voting Power. The average post made from LeoFinance.io earns an upvote at around 20-30%.

The upvotes on LeoFinance content from @Leo.voter are all done manually so they vary based on 3 primary factors:

  • Author history (how often do they post quality content to LeoFinance)
  • Whether it’s posted via LeoFinance or from another interface
  • Quality of the post

Alongside the @Leo.voter upvotes are community votes — I’ve noticed that large LEO stakeholders who utilize the interface daily for curation/posting tend to vote more on posts that are created from the https://leofinance.io interface. They look at posts that have the LEO badge next to them and prefer to curate/engage with those posts, as they know that the author is supporting the LEO Token economy and community by posting with us.

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