My Weekly Status in Rising Star - XXVIII

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Greetings everyone!

This was my twenty-seventh week from reaching the STARBITS Millionaire milestone, and time for a new status report.

Progress of the last week was good. I earned enough STARBITS for two times the twelve pack and had an extra 2785 STARBITS which I traded for 0.8355 HIVE. Mission accomplished!

My status as today:

  • Current Rank: 114 (improved by two positions)
  • Unique Cards: 359, Total Cards: 1767, Total IM: 1111, Weekly Minutes: 5440
  • Total Score: 3570


My mission for the next week stays the same: earn enough coins for two times the twelve pack and sell any additional STARBITS earned.

See you next time!

Till then, I wish you all a great time on Hive!

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