RE: Centralization as a Testnet

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This is one of the interesting things to me about Thorchain. Their system appears to be a centralized system that is moving wit purpose gradually to a more decentralized system.

At first they had code that was designed and maintained by a team who were anonymous yes but centralized. It seems they have endeavored to make it gradually decentralized in steps by designing in a slow and gradual decentraliztion. At first they created and held a majority of tokens and controlled their fate, but have since moved to gradually remove that control. At first there we're not many wallets, but they are encouraging more. At first little governance, but are moving to more distributed governance. Eventually as the system becomes more decentralized they ostensibly plan to surrender the keys. They also designed in controls to encourage balance in the centralization and ensure trust as much as possible.

To me this is the way to scale and progress towards moving towards the decentralization end of the spectrum.

Will it work out? I don't know but it is certainly the right idea and either they or some similarly designed project will end up very successful by finding some optimally efficient mix of centralization/decentraliztion.

The real problem is once that balance is found, it will quickly and dynamically change :-)

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