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Hey guys some days back @acidyo made a post asking how you purchase Hive and suggestions for the ones that can't buy since HIVE is not listed in Binance US. This gave me an idea to make a post about it. I am sure there are some but listings and regulations changes so for a newcomer the more recent the post the better.
Now HIVE is listed in the following exchanges
UpBit pair HIVE/KRW
Binance pair HIVE/USDT
Binance pair HIVE/BTC
Mexc pair HIVE/USDT
Bkx pair HIVE/USDT

UpBit is a South Korean exchange and the supported countries are Singapore
South Korea
It fell victim of a hack back in 2018 and in order to trade you need south korean won (KRW)

Now for those that can trade in Binance , Binance it's the easiest and safest way. Now Binance doesn't support the following Ontario (Canada)
And Can operate in the US through Binance US but HIVE is not listed there. One way to trade is to buy a VPN like this
and trade freely but that will work only for the non-US citizens living in the US because if you are a US citizen Binance wont accept your KYC.

MEXC is an ok exchange i am using a lot lately. You will have to do the same as Binance and use a vpn in order to trade and the good news is that you don't have to do a KYC so you can start buying HIVE , of course there are some limitation without KYC in withdrawals and trading but it's to be expected.

I don't now much about BKX so i wont write anything


You can also use @blocktrades you have to buy some LTC go here and buy HIVE with LTC.

One more way is to find someone in here and do an OTC that of course is dangerous so for anyone wanting to trade that way i suggest find someone that is active with a nice reputation even a big stake. In HIVE reputation is the most sought after coin and the most valuable


I hope that this will help someone wanting to buy Hive but straggling because of restrictions!

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*** After posting here are more ways to buy Hive suggested by the hive community

By @slothlydoesit :

You can also use
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Binance... The exchange that tried to take us over with Justin scum?

I'd totally find other ways. And I can't wait until we can directly buy in and cash out.

That's an important process for us to invest in!

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In Europe you can also use the peer-to-peer marketplace to get BTC which you can then trade to Hive e.g. via


Nice! Thanks for the suggestion !!!


for hive?


Not Hive 😄 (yet!), I have corrected my comment.


Personally, I use "simpleswap" for most crypto chain trades, quick and easy. Pick your cryptos, send the assets, and receive your new cryptos.


great will add it to the post

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you guys should definitely check out @ionomy ;) !


not very liquid, unfortunately


Yeap low liquidity


Even now there are not many exchanges in Pakistan and some have been deleted. Earlier, Bittrex was widely used here, but it has also been discontinued due to some reason, now people here only use binance. Thanks for sharing this great and valuable detail with us.


If you can use Binance then that is good you can trade hive easy