Do not panic and hold your coins

2 days ago
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I do not know if you have noticed the market today but like yesterday so today everything is in red.
In my humble opinion, I believe that it was expected after continuous days when the market was moving in the green and the cryptocurrencies were dropping the ATHs one after the other, that there would be some correction in the prices that would bring the market back to normal.
Many new investors have entered the world of cryptocurrencies lately, not of course because they suddenly believed in them, but because many wanted to. to make quick and easy money.
I do not like this logical firework at all because in my opinion it destroys all the smoothness of the market.
Many of them are likely to have made thousands of dollars throughout this story.
The world of cryptocurrencies, however, does not need such investors fireworks.
Our world needs people who will believe and really understand the potential and value of this enormous achievement.
Our world needs people who will continue to hold their coins and will not sell them out at the first opportunity. Only with such investors who will be able to see far ahead of time will the blockchain world take the place it deserves.


So lets hold our coins,stake them and add value to @leofinance because great things will come soon.

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