STEM Miner Match & Burn Promotion is over and results

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Last week we announced a Match & Burn promotion for STEM Miners. We put 1,000 STEM Miners on the market and burned 300% of what is sold.

146.064915 STEM Miners were sold in that one week period, so we went ahead and burned
438.194745 STEM Miners as a result.

As you probably already know, STEM has burned a massive amount of tokens and has very low supply and inflation.

I am working on some ideas to create sinks for STEM beyond the STEMGeeks tribe. As always, I am open to suggestions if you have any ideas. Right my primary focus is onboarding and making sure the contributing members receive the bulk of the rewards.

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I am open to suggestions if you have any ideas.

I think, we definitely need to take this to next level by creating apps that can be used school kids or college grads - they are the most powerful content consumers relevant to science and technology. May be even allow anonymous posting and reward them in some other forms by selling the stem like amazon gift vouchers. Or they can use the light account by Leofinance and start posting. Just some possibilities.


may some app with basic or/and advanced math formula downloadable on the phone to help math students


I liked the initiative and happy that I contributed to the STEM Miner Burn promotion. cheers