Ex UK Chancellor joins a crypto startup

It's a sign of the times when an ex senior UK politician joins a crypto startup - and this is the former Chancellor of the Exchequer no…

Jack Maller's Strike is about to up-end global commerce

You must have been hiding under a rock somewhere to miss the announcement that Twitter now accepts tipping but I must confess that I…

Warren Buffet's (Unexpected) Life Planning Advice

Read this important life advice from legendary investor Warren Buffet. If you can't see it or download it, allow me to summarise:…

Consistency is Key

Consistency is key. Doing something (important) every day. A good way of keeping track and holding yourself accountable is to

Business Growth: Expectation versus Reality

Don't be scared of the bumps and setbacks in growing your business. This is the norm. It is rarely straight-line growth. Try to learn…

10,000 Hive Power Goal Reached 🍾

Finally made it! 10,000 Hive Power 🍾 I had a little Litecoin lying around so I thought I'd put it to good use and exchange it for…

Splinterlands - I've (finally) taken the plunge and joined

Partly inspired by the staggering numbers that have been joining @splinterlands over recent weeks, plus the likes of @jongolson singing…

10,000 Hive Power Goal (almost there)

Nearly there.... Less than 50 Hive power needed to reach my target of 10,000 Hive Power. Hopefully this will be reached over the next…

Better late than never 10

If you haven't yet started, the second best time is now. Don't wait. Lead. Keep on shipping. Don't stop. Avoid…

Hive Business Marketing Strategy: Tipping

Holding staked Hive power could prove to be very valuable for businesses of tomorrow. * Just one way could be in 'tipping'.

Hive + Business: Incentivising Team Members in Web 3.0

**I strongly believe that a platform like Hive has huge potential for businesses across the world. A chance to build a

Super BNB dividend payouts on Cub Defi (or are they...?!)

I am absolutely loving the upgrades to Cub Defi.... This new BNB dividend payout seems super generous! Or is that a bug..

UK Challenger Bank now allows crypto transfers to own wallet...

As we read in the news about [increasing levels of bitcoin being withdrawn from exchanges to wallets and cold storage](

Banking 1.0 - The Legacy System has to stand aside

I've written previously about my car purchasing forays. So the time has come to actually finalise the purchase by transferring the…

Musk and Dorsey interviewed on BTC

A panel interview tonight with some of the biggest crypto hitters including Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey. Not incredibly exciting but a few…

What might a dollar be worth for you?

Here is the amount of Venezuelan bolivar that you would need to equal just one dollar 💵. Let that sink in.... This is the effect of…

NOT So Easy Swaps into Hive...

I normally use the main exchanges to exchange into Hive but I thought I would try a quick swap for today's Hive PowerUp Day

HF25: Time to Reboot the Hive Blockchain

You must have been sleeping under a rock not to have seen the recent news about the roll-out of Hardfork 25 on the Hive blockch

10,000 Hive Power Gets Closer (Another 2,000+ Hive Powered Up)

So having powered up over 2,000 Hive today, my stake is now sitting at 9,726 of Hive power. Not too shabby. I've been meaning t

Rethinking Retirement: A Non-Retirement Plan

Retirement as a concept remains ingrained in our consciousness, but wasn't this a concept borne out of the days of heavy-d