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Old path – bible exposition of 06 jan 22

The first question of the exposition: was there any creature before Adam and Eve, because the book of Genesis tells us that Adam and Eve…


last week i promised to be discussing on the hybrid system for an aircraft. i shall be discussing on the hybrid propulsion system, the…

Royal Q trading

Royal Q is the game changer in the world of cryptyo.

Hybrid electric propulsion system for an aircraft

Good morning my name is Stephen, I shall be bringing your way, my design of an hybrid electric propulsion system for an airplane with…

The importance of remaining in the Church_ WORSHIP SERVICE.

Before the worship service proper, we learnt that the actual new year according to the Hebrew calendar is 1 of April and Christians must…

My introduction to hive

Hello everyone, it is with great excitement to be in the hive community.My name is Godwin Stephen,an indigene of Benue state. The first…