Making Gifs for the Cartel and feeling a little big gangsta!

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We love making gifs! This of you that follow us can see the journey we have been on. You can find our Gifs on Giphy and Tenor here is our Giphy Channel
We also love making gifs and supporting tribes on Hive to get involved and to spread the word! This week we were looking at the Cartel! A meta token, meta gaming, meta everything Hive token.

This is such an awesome project and should not be missed, look at the most recent announcement here! Essentially apart from many other things it is investing in blockchain games and gamers from lots of different blockchains.

It is all under the fabulous @oneup that is everything you need for blockchain gaming! and having watched the project grow in a very short amount of time is also definitely something to look at and invest in!


Some of the gifs we made for the Cartel

We decided to green screen these as we felt like we needed a cool office in the background. We also wanted to do it on swivel chairs! It does take a lot longer to make green screen gifs but it is also good fun!

Here are some of the gifs we made!

You can find the collection here on giphy:

Any suggestion of gifs always welcome. If you would like to commission your own set of gifs then contact us and I am sure we can help!

Big love and giphery

the Stick Up Boys

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