The state of ASH token on 13.12.2020 : steady growth and nice opportunities

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Let's take a look at and





Here we can notice some interesting facts:

  1. Between two exchanges, Richamster still leads in trading volume and most popular pair there is ASH/UAH and in the same time the lowest price where one can buy ASH remains on this exchange - $0.005367 . Richamster was the first exchange where ASH was added, but at the moment the withdrawal of ASH does not work there in auto mode. Still it is possible in manual mode, with help of @SilverMystery whom you can find in telegram ( I the same time we can notice that on Richamster ASH is mostly traded against Ukrainian hryvnia (UAH), while on Cryptex24 people trade ASH for USDT and BTC (mostly they buy)

  2. The highest price of ASH on 13.12.2020 is on / - $0.009 . And the biggest trading volume for the last 24 hour is also here - $47.555, while both exchanges according to Coinpaprika show $18.

As you probably know, on Hive platform thanks to the Cryptex24 exchange was started pretty cool ASH Airdrops for whose who are not ASH Whales and the first one is alredy completed (

If you still don't know about it, here is main rules:

Each ASH stacker is eligible for weekly airdrop of 50 ASH per 1K stacked Each Saturday @ 12pm UTC + 2 we are fixing the values Airdrop takes place on Sundays after 12 pm UTC Series of airdrops will take place before the end of the year, 3 weeks in a row.

Meanwhile , in the telegram official chat users are looking forward for the official desktop wallet with POS mining and on the was represented a desktop game , something like well-known Monopolia but based on crypto, where Aeneas (ASH) is also present:

So fundament is pretty nice!

Now let's take a look at the chart from Coinpaprica ( :

Here, from my point of view, we can see that ASH on exchanges Cryptex24 and Richhamster slowly goes up in ascending channel, the price is above middle line of Bollinger Bands and preparing to breakthrough towards $0.01.


ASH gives great opportunities for investing. Both in short and middle term period. That is why I continue to buy and stake ASH and hope you are doing the same! :)

Have a good profit!

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