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Nice article @taskmaster4450le, back in the day when I was just starting out, the no fee transactions was a big pull factor for me. It definitely still is. I know how many transactions I perform everyday on the HIVE ecosystem and I could not imagine having to pay exorbitant fees each time, it would make it unworkable and basically unenjoyable to engage. HIVE is a really enjoyable blockchain to be involved in.

I have been spending a fair bit of time over on and the fees there really irk me... and they are very low in comparison to the ETH and BTC networks. I know that every time I transact over the BSC network I always make sure the transaction if over a suitable size to make the fees worthwhile.

We have it so good over here in the HIVE ecosystem, such a hidden gem from the larger community.

I was over on Binance today, doing some trading, I was amazed at the trading volumes that are occurring for the larger coins. HIVE on the other hand had very low volumes and there are so few trading pairs available for HIVE on the Binance Exchange. I am guessing that the same is true for other exchanges.

I know we are all doing what we can to get the word out about HIVE and with the huge flurry of excitement for all the other coins, HIVE is getting a bit lost in the frenzy. Do you have any thoughts on what each of us could to more to drive further adoption? Also, how do exchanges determine when to create more trading pairs for a coin? I truly believe more readily available trading pairs for HIVE would make a big difference.

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