Ethereum: Fees are disguting and this greed makes me sick

So this is it. Ethereum fees hit around 300 Gwei and I don't see when I will be able to withdraw the investments I have made on DeFi on…

BMR for 25th Sep 2021 - Telos Join Forces with Hive

source Yesterday I talked about [Telos. What is it](ht

Ecency POINTS for the Engagement League

This week we are celebrating rank 21-30 spots on the Engagement League list. These Engagers will each receive 300 POINTS from @ecency…

SpkNetwork: Going To Lock Up Millions Of HIVE

We keep getting a few tidbits coming out about the SpkNetwork . As this happens, the potential for Hive keeps growing. Understanding…

The Growing Value of Cryptocurrency

We see many projections of how much the market cap of cryptocurrency can be worth. To many, the numbers tossed out are absurd. There is…

🏆Chris Rufo's Call to Action // Hive Tips Giveaway for tweeting and promoting Hive on Twitter // Call to Action Initiative 🏆

Updated Twitter Rules. This will apply to everyone who is interested to participate ✅ Quote Retweet the target tweet of the day (not…

📊 Daily Twitter Data Reports as of September 15, 2021

Our Daily Reports in all the tweets related to #Hive, hope you will enjoy what you see here as we are trying to boost Hive's popularity…

Could the Rest of the Country Live without California?

How reliant are we on California food, really? A story appeared in my timeline this morning that the Portland,Oregon mayor has announced…

Uniswap Shows The Need For The SpkNetwork

The regulatory environment just keeps getting tighter. It is rapidly becoming evident where things are going. In the United States, the…

Decentralised...? Not So Much (A Monday Morning Rant)

Good morning, everyone! Over the past few months I have been going down the rabbit hole, by watching countless podcasts (mostly about…