Financial Tips For new Investor and traders

16 days ago
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Hello hive members,

I hope you are doing good!!
I would like to share my experience of stock related stuff,
It's been 5 years i am doing trading and invesment like holdings and mutual funds.
if you cant make money while sleeping then you will work till your last breath and its true.

There are some points if you are new in trading and investing your capitals:-

1.Firstly trade with a small capital .Dont go with higher capital otherwise you will regret it later.Start with small capital and learn.
My experience was good when i traded for the first time. I booked a profit but thats their strategy and whatever i dont know everyone gets profit the day somebody trades so that you think its very easy to earn money and i will do nothing .I will make money from trading but its not too easy to make money in trading.

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2.Before going to trade, you must be aware of that particular company where you are investing and doing trade like their fundamentals, technical analysis and the company is in debt or debt-free and much more.

3.Don't be happy when your proft goes up , nobody knows when the market crashes & goes down and your capital too so booked the profit ASAP.
If you are holding for the particular time then you need patience for holding your capital in the stocks, It will take time if your company is good like APPLE, TESLA , AMAZON AND STARBUCKS ETC.

4.Never give up on your company , if it goes down for the particular time and it will boost like never before so pls have some patience while holidng the shares.

5.FALL IS temporary but RISE is permanent.
Rembember this line.

  1. If you are taking risk without gathering full knowledge and your money managements then you will definately regret it.If you have traded earlier and booked the profit within 1 hour.Dont do overtrading otherwise you will loose your profit too and if you have planned you are not going to trade so pls dont do , it will also decreses your capital.

  2. Dont predict like market will go and is like emotinally trading , I think you had heard about this emotinally trading earlier. I did lots of time and regret it later.Loss is also a part of life
    So accept it and wait for the other day.

  3. If you dont have patience so pls dont go for the trade and will loose your capital and your mental health too.

  4. You need to make the consistency , dont think like you will make money in wont possible.yes it is possible if you have crores millions and billions.."HIGHER THE RISK HIGHER THE PROFIT" "LOWER THE RISK LOWER THE PROFIT".

  5. It takes dedication and lots of hard work as well as your time.So first of all learn from small amount and learn the fundamentals for the trade.

I hope it will work for new traders.

Thanks for your time and feel free to comment and ask anything.I will be happy to help you.