Creating The Homepage For The Next Binance Smart Chain Gem, 'Humanpad'. Will $HUMAN 1000X?

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To help with building the ido launchpad Humanpad and $HUMAN, contact
Email: [email protected]


  • Can one build a project without seed-funding? How so?
  • Can a launchpad really help everyone build their projects?
  • Why does creating such a launchpad form part of your purpose?
  • Why do you think there is a need for such a launchpad having looked at the state of cryptocurrency, innovation and the globe?
  • What aspects of your launchpad will stir its success?
  • What is your general approach to innovation?
  • Why do you take the down-to-earth route in your approach to innovation?
  • Will your project have a native cryptocurrency? What will it be called?
  • What unconventional properties will your own breed of cryptocurrency have?
  • What unconventional play to tokenomics will you reveal using your cryptocurrency?
  • Why should people desire to hold your cryptocurrency?
  • Tell us more about your launchpad.
  • Tell us more about Macrohard. What role will it play in the success of your launchpad?
  • Tell us more about Legitimate illiteracy. What role will it play in the success of your launchpad?
  • What paradigms will guard your cryptocurrency and launchpad.
  • Tell us more about ‘cryptoulogs’ and the role it will play in ensuring that your launchpad succeeds?
  • Tell us more about ‘certified uloggers’ and the role they will play in the success of your launchpad
  • When is your launchpad said to have succeeded?
  • When can your cryptocurrency be said to have succeeded?
  • What unique and unconventional features will your launchpad feature?
  • Tell us about the true state of the world.
  • Tell us about surpassinggoogle?
  • Tell us why you will be doing a seedfund campaign? How much will you intend to raise and why a small amount?
  • What projects will you bootstrap with these funds?
  • What projects will you build eventually?
  • How will you surpass google?
  • How will others surpass google?
  • How will you be able to fund independent projects and build them without additional funding?
  • How will you grow your project?
  • What revenue generating approach will you implement?
  • How will your launchpad contribute to the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain?
  • Why should haphazard charts, marketcaps, elon tweets, bitcoin price not have an effect on your cryptocurrency’s value and what is your play to effect that?
  • Why is blockchain and cryptocurrency a better tool as a mentality-adjuster than as a reward-distributor?
  • What do you mean that your cryptocurrency will be dynamic stake-based instead of static stake-based?
  • How will you spend funds in your dao? How is your dao populated?
  • What has hampered the adoption and under-exploration of cryptocurrency?
  • Can you discuss the intended tokenomics for this project?
  • Can you discuss how your seedfunding event will take place and the events leading up to TGE or listing?
  • What kind of projects will you fund and how?
  • What will the utilities of your coin be?
  • What perks will certified uloggers experience?

Hear the thoughts of a legitimate illiterate on cryptocurrency.

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