Crypto - Goblack2Africa? U'll Need Know These African Secrets About Crypto That The West Don't Know!

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The original livestream occurred on @GoBlack2Africa a couple of days ago. I was quite disoriented during the stream and not articulate but my passion and spirituality was intact.

See that livestream here:

If you have specific questions you can reach me via [email protected] We can do a stream on @UloggersTV thereafter to answer your questions.

I have also written a no-book to that break things down further. My no-book didn't resource the internet. You can find it on Amazon with this search query 'Cryptocurrency And Money's Uselessness - Legitimate Illiteracy Explains It.' or here:

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If you would like to build your own crypto project, we can do a livestream where we discuss your project and I share advisory. My insight is that of a legitimate illiterate.

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