Zecrey - Most Sophisticated Web3 Crypto Wallet. Beats Metamask! Tested All Features. $REY Airdrop?

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Zecrey - Most Sophisticated Web3 Crypto Wallet. Beats Metamask! Tested All Features. $REY Airdrop?

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I enjoyed using Zecrey. It is the most sophisticated crypto wallet innovation I have seen and it fixes many of the lapses in crypto. I noticed this even though I am not tech-savvy. It does this by removing the know-how associated with interacting in digital assets across multiple chains.

I tried out all the functions of the Zecrey testnet wallet and I also shared my suggestions. I tried swap, deposit from Layer 1 to Layer 2, adding liquidity, locking tokens for apr, creating a layer 2 wallet etc. It was rough as this all happened on the spot but I figured out and completed it. I am hoping to inspire the team at Zecrey with this video overall for their contribution to the evolution and adoption of crypto and for their grind, grit and ambition in innovating a web 3 wallet that is bigger than metamask and trustwallet.

Reference this Zecrey resource: https://zecrey.medium.com/zecrey-protocol-public-testnet-is-live-now-638d745e0b02

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