Update I've updated the spreadsheet to have more hours to compare, it turns out my optimal time is 3 hours for my Den stake and 2 hours…

Profiting from other's misfortune or laziness: How to score big with Sports Cards.

There are several ways to ensure a profit on sports cards, and I'm going to share one that not many people think about. Before we begin…

Breaking: Tesla Motors Invests 1.5 Billion in Bitcoin; Plans to accept BTC as Payments.

“We expect to begin accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for our products in the near future, subject to applicable laws and initially…

I'm both powering down and powering up LEO

Isaria and I were very fortunate to receive a considerable share of the original LEO airdrop. We both delegated to a curation account…

Sports Card Corner 2/5/21

Welcome! This is a post that I expected to have out yesterday, but I quickly learned that my organizational skills an

The FUN investment/hobby I have. Sportsball Cards

Back in the early '80s (shut-up) I was just like any other kid in the neighborhood. I had a ton of baseball cards laying around. Very few…

I've made a change to my stock holdings..

I made a change today in my stock portfolio. This should be official as of 9am 2/2/21 Anyway on to the change. I have decided to drop…

Silver has opened up 5%

With WSB focusing on silver next, I quickly jumped in and grabbed 10oz of bullion. Well, the market for Silver just opened and so far so…

I'm *slightly* in for the SIVERSQUEEZE

WSB is at it again, This time, they're going after the Silver market ands unlike with GME, I'm ready and in. I saw that…

My First Investing Report:

Before we start, it's been quite a while since I've been active on the Hive eco-system. The last year has been extremely crazy between…

I'm about as irritiated as I can be. trying to New Steem: A Tag Rant

Let me start by saying that I'm excited about all of the new tribes and groups that are forming with Scotbot. Today @steem.leo launched…

Greetings Steem.leo!

This is pretty exciting to see new tribes/teams/sporks of Steem happening. Thank you for the drop, I staked all of it right off and will…