Buying Teeth with the Potential to Bite

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As I said last night, I am of limited mental capacity and when tired and frustrated, it compounds the problems and I tend to make rash decisions. Despite my best efforts to talk myself away from the edge, I made another and jumped well over. In fact, I made several rash decisions which has resulted in the single largest crypto stream of purchases, I have ever made.

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BTW: Do you like my Splinterlands images? I try to keep them related, but quirky :)

Hive has been good to me and for me in so many ways and I am very bullish on its future. And with my "buy what you use" mentality, I decided to make some moves to get in deeper, even if it might actually cost my financially, at least in the short-term perspective. Anyone that knows me though should know, I go long.

I have been fortunate over the years when it comes to some of my token investments so after shuffling some around, I moved even more into Hive, but it wasn't to stay there for long. Instead, what I did was buy some more vouchers.

My initial allocation based on my SPS holdings was around 100, but I had decided to push that out further, to 200 or 250 if I could, because I wanted to be able to get a "Doctor Blight" Card to Level 3, because I believe that is where it is going to be the most effective and, since I only play in the Gold leagues, it is enough for me. So, I would still have to buy one or two on the open market.

I do not know how much this Promo Card is going to be on the open market, but I assume as it is the only "Neutral" promo monster (can play across all splinters) card and there won't be "that many" of them loose as people will need to combine to level up, it is going to go up in price, and this card is only available in the presale. It is hard to say precisely what these cards are going to be worth over the next year, but I expect somewhere between 200 and 350 initially, but this could increase over time, especially since it is pretty stacked with decent buffs and is Neutral.

Ok - So, I want one. But how much do I want one?

Too much, obviously.

So as said, I shuffled a few tokens, bought some more HIVE (plus additional to cover my pooling - I have emptied LEO DEX's SWAP.HIVE tank twice), bought some SPS through Pancake Swap and then, took 925 VOUCHERs off of the Hive-Engine marketplace, which is probably why the VOUCHER price is up today, since I took pretty much everything up to 21 HIVE each. After buying with the SPS for a 10% discount and holding the leftovers, I now hold 1294 Chaos Legion presale packs, which I paid an obscene amount for.


Bad decision?

Financially - probably.

However, "how bad" is going to be determined by the future of the game itself and whether the developers and community are able to generate additional interest. What this does get me though is 1 guaranteed "Gold foil" of Doctor Blight and by the end of the presale, there is likely only to be a few hundred of those pressed. Currently, There is just over 100 that will be distributed based on what has already been bought, but I expect more will move up as the presale draws to a close.

This amount means I get (by the time I have bought a couple more) 26 Promo cards (so I can max if I choose), a single gold foil version and a title of some sort. I have no idea what these are worth together, but assuming 200 for the regular, 1000 for the gold and 500 for the title, these cards combined could be worth around 7000 dollars. Then, this means the other cards are going to have to do some pretty heavy legwork in order for me to break even.

But, this gives me quite a few additional rental cards, some of which should be pretty well positioned in the market. But, I expect with 15m packs, which is 75M new cards, hitting the market soon, the rentals are going to drop significantly in value. But as said, I am going to go long and assume that the Splinterlands team aren't going to just flood the market with release after release and instead for the next couple years, focus on building the ecosystem out to include the Land aspects.

Honestly, I think the best I can hope for in the short-term is to come close to breaking even on this purchase, but there is also the opportunity cost of the technical loss of swapping other tokens that are going into a bull market. However, I have done pretty well on them already, as some are holds from 2017, like ENJIN and more recently, HOT. I also sold some ETH that I bought after getting airdropped IMX and GODS from my Gods Unchained holdings.

This might all tank to hell, but I have always been a "put my money where my mouth is" when it comes to crypto, even if it costs me. Overall though, I think that in the long-run, my mouth has been pretty on point with the direction of crypto, but I haven't always ben able to invest as heavily as I would like - though this is effectively the value of my car being pushed into digital assets. It is a bit "scary" still, but I am surprisingly "okay" with it, which is probably testament to my diminished mental capacity.

This is definitely not investment advice for anyone reading this, as this is all just me making decisions based on wants, with very little concern about the potential for massive loss on this particular purchase. We all make our own decisions in crypto and this might come back to haunt me or, who knows, I might get lucky and the teeth I bought will have some bite.

At least it is within the realms of digital possibility.

Taraz [ Gen1: Hive ]

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