Fast Forward Future: Are we there yet?

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It might seem slow to some, especially those who have haven't been in for long, but the decentralized future that has been touted for years, isn't as far away as many people seem to think. When we have skin in the game though, it seems to take forever....

"Are we there yet, Daddy?"

You remember driving somewhere you wanted to go as a kid? Sitting in that boring car, staring out the window at the world go by on a trip that apparently bends the space-time continuum? How long it took while you waited in anticipation to get to where you wanted to go?

Do you remember how the journey home was so much shorter?


Time is relative and while it flies when we are having fun, it drags when we want it to go faster, waiting to get to where we desire, to open the presents under the tree, or for the water to boil on the stove. We can want it to speed up, but it will take the time it does and the more we focus on the end goal, the further away it appears.

I believe that the road to mass adoption of blockchain and crypto is just around the corner. SOON.

But, soon is a relative term affected by our impatience. Yet looking back in the past, it wasn't so long after all. Twelve years of school ahead seemed a long time, four years of university seemed a long time - But it has been twenty years since I finished, twenty five percent more than both combined, and it has disappeared in the blink of an eye, much of it now faded in memory, or unremembered altogether.

I wrote a post just yesterday about being in the right place at the right time in regards to Hive and that seems long ago, because so much has happened between. However, zooming out on this space will leave it a micro-slice on a life. The almost five years I have been in crypto are the same - a fragment of life, yet I remember the feeling of loss and panic of being part of my first 40% market fall.

My "value" dropped from 2500 to 1600 in the space of a couple hours. My stomach was in a knot and I couldn't focus on where I was or what I was doing at the time - which was with my family at a summer cottage with the sun shining. Yet right at this moment, that value lost for those few hours are a blip and even less than that, because I didn't sell. The 40% loss, a meaningful amount to me at that time in my life, has benefited from four years of gains.

Just think if someone had said to me at the time, "Don't worry, in four years it will be worth 40 times as much". Would I have believed them? Would you?

While the value of the 1000 dollars "lost" that day is not such a cut now, the lessons I carry from that day are far, far more valuable than even the 40x gain would be - if I hadn't of traded most of it away. Those lessons are the feeling of false loss that disrupted my mind and body and I carried that through over the years, highs and lows telling myself, "one day. SOON."

I still tell myself that. Soon things will be better, soon the markets will be up, soon we will no longer have to worry about the bills. Soon everything will be okay.

And, one day it will be and looking back, the journey will have moved incredibly fast with these years of my life that I feel have been among the hardest I have experienced and have definitely been filled with the most wok I have ever done, will return a "payday" so large, so out of connection with the time and effort spent, so beyond what anyone would have expected, that I will be embarrassed to have thought I was working at all.

And I will be disappointed that more people didn't join in for the ride, to get the same, to become owners and actual influencers in the new economy, not this trash on social media where they pimp themselves out for likes and hearts in the hope of endorsement, but people who influence the flow of capital and investment through the marketplace, people who influence the future daily and hopefully, in ways that make the world a better place, a more valuable place, a place where people have access to opportunity.

Many will look back and say,

"With a little bit of work, with a little bit of investment I could have... why didn't I?"


It isn't just the risk of losing that people fear, it is the risk of wasting their time trying to get to somewhere that they can't even imagine yet, as most do not even grasp the fundamentals of where this is all going, let alone the bigger picture. We focus on the daily ups and downs without seeing how it fits into the future, even while we push out buss words that we pretend to understand, like decentralization, governance and ownership. Yet what most of us are doing, is trying to get enough money to rent a better life in the centralized and controlled world of today.

Nearly every time I write an article about an opportunity, ownership and our ability to take control of our financial well-being -there are people who comment, "I will look into that" and I know that they never will. Why? Because most never will. Being on Hive doesn't make anyone automatically different from anyone else - it just gives normal people the opportunity to inflate their potential astronomically, if they are paying attention. Yet, people are so focused on the immediate moment, that they will never zoom out far enough to see what is laid out before them.

We are travelling a path to a new world and the map is far more clear than many give it credit, but people are caught in the fog of personal loss and the FUD of crypto is risky being driven by the governments and media. Crypto is not risky, projects are risky. Crypto is near guaranteed to become a fundamental part of our society in the coming decade and as such, will play a pivotal role in the recalibration of a fundamentally broken economy.

You don't see it yet, because the way most people define it is wrong, like the people who saw the internet a branch of the media like radio, television and newspapers, and not what it really was - a bucket for all of those. Many think crypto is about finance, banking, investment, but that is not the case, although it will contain those elements. It is about tracking transactions, movement - time.

Three seconds is a long time with a hand in a flame. Three seconds and a transaction laden with diverse information is distributed across the world, securely, freely, transparently. It is governed, yet is not controlled. It is trusted, though no one need be known. It is open and takes nothing in return.

Don't you see it? Don't you recognize the implications? Can't you connect the dots?

The only way to stop it now is to take down the entire economy in the process, to rip apart the internet that powers every business, that is utilized by every government and institution. To beat down on hundreds of millions of people globally, to remove them from society, to punish them publicly. To stop it now would create so much pain and raise so many questions that it will be impossible for even the most steadfast of skeptics to deny - that we need it.

We are at the point of no return, where it is either join the movement into the future and speed up the process or, fight against the inevitable and in the process create a new breed of dissention and speed up the process. Either way, the result is the same, the only difference is the amount of pain required to get there.

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