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I normally don't thank @trumpman for anything, but yesterday I found out that it was possible to stake AVA (Travala) through the comment section of one of his posts - and I thought I'd give it a go. There is supposedly a 24% APY on it, so I thought I'd test the waters with a little (with the minimum stake) to see if I can recoup some of the massive losses I have made on it over the last couple months - I think I bought at the wrong time and when it hit the recent lows, I had nothing spare to put into it. This is the way of the world in my trading it seems.

Buy high - hold all the way down.


I don't know much about the project, but they have a real-world usecase (though it is in travel, which isn't great at the moment) and token burns, plus now - the staking I just found out about. I like the idea of staking tokens, and I like the idea of something adding to the burn - like LEO does also.

The topic of @trumpman's shitpost asked a question, Got a hefty bag you hope one day to retire on? Which is it? Which is perhaps pretty obvious in my case, HIVE is my single biggest hold and the one that I hope will do well over time. My hopes for hive extend past the financial aspect though, as there are so many other factors that come into play, including the potential to support a change in the entire psyche of not only the economy, but the direction of the internet itself. That might sound too grand for Hive, but it is definitely a part of the conversation and could play a major role in how we interact with content in the future. Hive is underrated in my opinion - So, I hold.

Another hold I have is Enjin (ENJ), which is a token for gaming environments, which is interesting since I don't game. What I am hoping though is that my assumptions about the world are correct and entertainment will rule supreme for some time to come. I think that if they can get a couple of decent supporters in their corner from the traditional game makers, they could do very well.

The other one I have my eye on and a little position in is Holo (HOT), which is for building peer-to-peer applications. Again, I think that the direction of Web 3.0 is going to empower users of all kinds, creators and consumers a like, so this is where I am investing myself. It could be an All eggs in the one basket" scenario, but I don't see the point in being rich if the world is a fucked up place to live.

You know when you have a group of friends and one can't afford to join in on the fun and games? - I have been that one most of my life and I am pretty tired of it. Instead, I want to participate in building a world where we can all be somewhat empowered to live a better, more valuable life. A life where we might not be flying the world in private planes, but we don't have this ridiculous level of economic disparity that causes so many problems in our world. While it might seem like it is "just on the news" - it won't be long until everyone is affected personally at the local level, if things keep progressing along the same track.

@trumpman might want to retire, but I want to have the option to retire - or more precisely - I want to be able to work at the things that I believe are important to my beliefs. Hive is a big part of this at the moment, but since I still have financial needs and obligations IRL, I have to also work for an income. Even the work I do for the money, is still somewhat working toward building an enriched life for those I interact with.

I normally don't spend time talking about other investments I have, as I don't want to influence the decisions of others, like I was with the bag of worthless XEM I hodl after buying into @trumpman's shill back in 2017 (I will hold it still, as a reminder for when I finally catch up with him in person). But, it is good at times to have a little more transparency, as I think that a lot of the economic disparity in the world comes down to people being advised to not speak about finance and the systems in play, which takes away the opportunity for learning. Coming from a relatively poor family with zero financial hygiene, I feel that I am at a disadvantage and have to do a lot of catch up work to even get within reach of others in my peer group.

None of us chose our parents or the culture we were born into, but that doesn't mean we can't change the world our children live in. I don't give a crap about Lambos or retiring to tropical beaches - but I don't want my daughter to suffer life in a fucked up world because we didn't do better for her and her generation. Participation in crypto at this time might come with a little more responsibility than many seem willing to take.

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