How much is the Phish?

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I got an email about an hour ago from Ledger, telling me of a security breach requiring an update. Yeah, there was a security breach, but this sounds "phishy". Others might have come across this before, but with the bullrun in full swing, it is good to be extra cautious. This is especially true for people like me - tired people.

Security is crucial in crypto and there are a lot of scammers out there trying to get your hard-earned coins and, they are pretty clever at times, preying on the people who are either greedy (like those Discord messages full of emojis target) or, fearful of being compromised.


Firstly, I am tired - but not that tired and when it comes to security, I try to be on the ball. However, it isn't always simple and some of the signs are easy to miss if not paying attention.

Firstly, Ledger was indeed hacked back in July and while the tokens were safe, user data was stolen on 270,000 customers.


That data was then dumped onto Raidforum in December, making public user data.



Here is the email from tonight and as you can see, it didn't come from ledger, it come from some other random website and sent using a mail delivery system.




we have included your full name for the authenticity of this message

piss off.

Now it's technically impossible to protect your wallet without this update because we do not store anything of this in our server.

What kind of company would send out this kind of grammar?

It only takes two minutes, but after that you will be sure that your wallet is safe.

Safely in your hands - pricks.

Phishy, Phishy


And then I went to the link to see what was going on.

Firstly, that ain't Ledger.

We recommend our clients to exercise caution -- always be mindful of phishing attempts by malicious scammers. To put it simply, you should never share your 24 words.

That makes sense

Only Ledger can ask you for the 24 words of your recovery phrase.

But, but.... you said to never....

Phishy, Phishy, Phishy Phish!

Never. Ever. NEVER!!!

While I know that many people would quickly recognize this as a scam, I know quite a few who haven't caught these kinds of things and have lost their keys and quite significant amounts of crypto. Similar things happen on Hive where people have given their master keys to strangers in discord or, have used their master to log into websites that look authentic.

When it comes to security, be very aware save the trusted sites as bookmarks rather than typing in and, be very, very careful with links given that require a login, even if it is from someone you know and trust, because they might not have picked up on the scam either and unknowingly roping more people in. Your keys are your responsibility and if not careful, they can be tricked from you and before you know it - all that you have worked for is gone.

I think considering security is even more salient when price is going up on Hive, as it will attract all kinds of scaammers into the community and because it is socially powered, there is a lot of potential for those who are not cautious to get scammed, and have their potential future of financial security gone in 60 seconds.

While you can hate the scourge of scammers, the sad reality is they exist and they come in many forms so please, as exciting as this all is, when it comes to security - be vigilant.

And make sure that the Phish costs you nothing.

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