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i haven't seen such new feature on the wallet yet,

It is a transaction only when using the internal market to trade between HIVE and HBD. I use the market daily.

So what you are saying basically is that the Hive has more value than the liquid HBD.

Kind of - and kind of not. If HBD is trading above the 1 dollar that the blockchain treats it as, it can be sold for more on the open market than a dollar. I use it to buy Hive and power up, some people use it to sell into fiat or BTC or something else.

However, on the games aspect, I'm not really interested in games like I used to, I guess the responsibilities that come with adulthood is catching up with me.

Hive is one massive and diverse game - I don't play any actual games (other than words with friends with one friend), but I do play on Hive. It is all about learning and understanding parts of the tech, but mostly the community and human behavior for me. Some other play the actual games like Splinterlands for their entertainment.

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