The Right Time, At The Right Hive

Ever been exactly where you need to be, when you need to be there? How often have you, "missed it by that much" ? One of the thi

A well-managed home

I had a few good discussions with a few colleagues today, with a couple stemming from an article I wrote last night on investing…

Man Eating Woman

Interesting stat from Australia collected by Finder: On average, men have $36,004 invested in shares, compared to just $9884 for women…

Trees, meet forest

Sometimes I fantasize about pulling out. Out of most of my tokens that is. Wouldn't life be easy just to hold Bitcoin and not care…

Bubbles of Blood

While the entire crypto industry is on track to change the global economy, that doesn't mean every project is going to survive and more…

A Trickle Out And A River In

At lunch today, I sat with a few colleagues that I normally don't spend much time with and they were talking about investment practices…

Fake it til you rake it

I was chatting with some crypto friends about work and how hard it can be to stay motivated for various reasons and we were joked about…

At your own risk!

Yesterday, I was trying to work out which supervisors needed to receive an internal email and I was staring at the organizational chart…

Can't afford not to win

With the dips be dipping, it is a good time to talk about the "don't invest what you can't afford to lose" motto, which is simple, but it…

A trickle of blood to a shark

Let's put a bit in. Just the dip. That was a nice little opportunity to make a quick turn around for the brave. How'd you fare…

OK Boomer wealth solutions

Here we are, back for an infusion treatment for my stomach issues. So many issues... It is hard to focus on what needs to be done…

Pennies on the dollar

I got a couple messages today from my cryptolleagues speculating on the price of Bitcoin, showing some undecidedness, as they both have a…

What are you playing at?

One of the things I enjoy about Hive tokenization is that there are lots of dynamics in play, all creating different kinds of games and…

Well, that escalated quickly to an ATH

The first rule of crypto. Never sleep. It was after 3am when I went to bed last night - *if only I had stayed awake another hour or

Hanging onto the safety net

At around this time last year, I was returning to full-time employment at my job after spending 4 months working at 60% under a 40%…

Edging bets on financial tyrants

It has been "wellbeing week" at work and it culminated in a an afternoon of activities at an adventure and exercise park - since I have a…

When will crypto dominate the economy?

Finder, a comparison site, has found that Australians have accumulated 7 billion dollars worth of crypto, but more significant than…

The Consistent Reality of Hive Dreaming

I haven't written one of these posts for a while, so figure for the first day of Autumn, it is as good a time as any. Firs