The Value of Community In A Cooperative

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The Explosiveness of Digital Economies

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If Raoul Pal Is Right, Get Ready For Life Changing Money

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Decentralized Networked-States: Operating At A New Conceptual Level

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The "Killer App"?

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Networked-States: The Transition Away From The Nation-State

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Bitcoin ETF: What It Can Mean For Cryptocurrency

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Web 3.0: The Push To Decentralize

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Cryptocurrency and the Useless Class

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The Metaverse Hype

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The Metaverse and The Physical Are Going To Clash....

▶️ Watch on 3Speak ...especially for governments. We are seeing a great divide forming. This is ba

Are You Excited About Hive Yet?

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How Do Things Look When We Have Near Infinite Labor?

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The Future Is Micropayments

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The Two Worlds: One Exploding, The Other Contracting

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CryptoMom Again To Industry: Decentralize

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Axie Infinity: Going To Fail?

▶️ Watch on 3Speak In this video I discuss the state of the #Play2Earn arena, specificially, Axie In

Regulation, Wall Street, And Cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin: Wall Street Money?

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Metaverse: Will Make The World Unrecognizable

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