Facebook DIEM Sold: End Of An Era

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Web 3.0 Will Be Bigger Than People Think

We hear a lot of buzzwords tossed around to the point where they mean nothing. It is something we see with the word Metaverse and now…

Ark Invest: Bitcoin $1M Ethereum $180K By 2030

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Listnerds: Helping To Round Out Hive's Social Media Tools

Hive began as a blogging platform . This makes sense since it is keeping, at least, in part, with the evolution of social media in the…

Tune Out The Crypto Noise: It Is Nothing

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Cryptocurrency Is Not A Zero-Sum Game

We are infected with this idea. It is ingrained in us as a part of society. To emphasize the point, we use sport analogies. We are led…

How I Handle The Cryptocurrency Bear Market

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Building A Personal Brand On Hive

The world is rapidly changing. This is no surprise to most. For this reason, we need to approach things in a much different way than we…

Why The Collapse In Confidence In Government And Sovereign Debt Crisis Will Help Cryptocurrency

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Being A Cryptocurrency Trailblazer Is Not Easy

Even more than a decade in, cryptocurrency is still very young. The evolution of the industry is happening at a rapid pace while…

El Salvador Using Crypto To Lend To Unbanked

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Could Tyranny Arise In Web 3.0?

There is little doubt that the battle for freedom is on. We have a world where people are taking to the streets in an effort to push back…

Is The Digital Yuan Really A Threat?

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The Federal Reserve CBDC Report

The long anticipated report by the Federal Reserve regarding CBDCs was released yesterday and it contains a lot of informative…

The Great Crypto Divide: A Major Political Issue Going Forward

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CityCoins: Tens Of Millions Raked In And Changing City Governance?

There is a lot of money in cryptocurrency . Many are starting to realize that including a couple of cities. To say this is the wave…

The Age of Abundance: Cryptocurrency As Fuel For Massive Technological Development

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The Change In National Governance

Over the centuries we saw "experimentations" with many governance models . Thus far, what was created has not benefitted the majority…

It Is Time To Start Amassing LEO

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The Bear And Builders

The market is full of red, a common event since the start of the year. As the bloodbath in the markets continues, we start to see the…