Token Distribution Versus Token Burn

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Using Hive's Built-in Messaging System To Create An Alterlative To Discord

Hive has a lot of features that get overlooked. In this article we are going to discuss one that might have some possibilities…

Web3 Is Scaring The System

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The Power Of Cryptocurrency And The Major Problem It Solves

Investing and funding is going to be one of the biggest changes we see coming from cryptocurrency. This is something we discussed in…

The Network Effects Of Technology Especially Cruptocurrency

▶️ Watch on 3Speak We often talk about Network Effects for system

Bankers Are Just Glorified Bookkeepers

What purpose do bankers serve? They like to make us think they are so important but when you really analyze it, they do nothing more…

Use HBD For Payment At 44 Million Locations

Over the last few days we focused upon how the Hive Backed Dollar could become a store of value. This is done via the use cases that…

The Value Of A Hive Account

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What Gives HBD Value: Investing And Funding

This is the fourth part in our series of what gives the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) value . There previous two sections covered:…

When Building A New Financial System We Need Patience

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What Gives HBD Value: Payment System

This is the third part in our series of what gives the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) value. There previous two sections covered:…

Audit your authorities

Was just talking with someone who asked me about revoking an active authority on their account and was having trouble with Hive…

Cheer Up: Cryptocurrency Will Replace Private bank Money

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What Gives HBD Value: Derivatives

We are progressing through our series on what it will take to give the Hive Backed Dollar (HBD) inherent value. In the first article, we…

How To Make Money In Cryptocurrency

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What Gives HBD Value: Collateralization

There is a great deal of discussion about stablecoins and what needs to be done to give them value. In the aftermath of the UST/LUNA…

UST Failure Opens Up The Door For Other Stablecoins

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How To Succeed On Hive: Make It Your Mission

Many people ask what needs to be done to achieve success on Hive. This is something that makes sense since it is a blockchain of…

Keep In Mind The Role Blockchain And Cryptocurrency Will Play In The Metaverse

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HBD Defense: The Nuclear Option

The cryptocurrency world was filled with discussion this week about the situation with UST and LUNA . It made the stablecoin…