Cheer Up: Cryptocurrency Will Replace Private bank Money

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Private bank money runs the world. It is why the bankers are the most powerful force on the planet. They learned decades ago they could print their own money and conduct business outside the reach of governments and central banks.

In this video I discuss how cryptocurrency is poised to replace private bank money. Those who understand this reallize how powerful this all is. Do not be discouraged by the markets. It is just a drop in the bucket.

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Ooops cnt watch the video... Bad network 🤦‍♀️ but I'll just take the encouragement... It's just a drop in the bucket 😅 I feel encouraged.

I just hope every person will see this period more as an opportunity than a difficult time... It should be easier that way.

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Printing your own money is nice but I still think there needs to be liquidity. There isn't much point in holding your own token if you can't convert it into what you need. However, the potential for some good liquid crypto is out there and it could replace parts of the banking system over time.

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Liquidity is key to the entire global financial and economic structure. We are in a liquidity crisis and few realize because they are caught up in the Money Printer Go Brrr bullshit.

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I used to think Banks can just print money. Now I know that's not how it works, the books need to be balanced !


Commercial banks print money by making loans (at least the major currencies). This is where the fractional reserve system comes in.

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Well said!