Elon Musk's Bannings Shows The Need For Hive

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Elon Musk took over Twitter promising the end to censorship and bringing freedom of speech to the platform. This created quite a stir which reveals a great deal, much of it outside the scope of this article.

The core of the issue was the fact the right was upset by the tactics of the platform for banning accounts without cause. We now see the situation flipped as the left is getting upset.

What happened most recently is very interesting. Musk banned a number of journalists for posting real time data on the location of his family. This is evidently against the rules of Twitter and Musk said that journalists also had to comply.

The fact there is the ability to monitor the location of another and release it publicly is a problem that is also outside what we are discussing here. Perhaps that should be looked into. However, even if we agree with the fact that people should be banned for releasing this information, it does bring up a larger point.

As stated in part articles, it is not whether Musk (Twitter) ban people. The challenge here is the ability exists.

This is the major difference between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0. With the latter, even if the dictator is benevolent, it is still a dictator. Obviously, this is what leads to tyranny as, eventually, benevolent ends up being removed from the equation.

Here is where Hive enters the picture.



The Need For Hive: No Dictator

Hive is the epitome of the evolution of the Internet in the fact there is no dictator. True account ownership is offered at the blockchain level. As long as one has his or her private key, access is granted. At the same time, whatever is posted on chain is immutable.

Some claim there is censorship on Hive. This stems from the belief that when downvotes are given, a post "disappears". This is not true. While some frontends do "hide" the post, the option is usually provided to view simply by clicking a button. Also, not all front end do this. Leofinance, for example, will show all posts regardless of the voting.

Finally, one can look at the data on the blockchain directly by going to a block explorer such as Hiveblocks. This will allow one to view the text of the post exactly as it is in the database (pictures are removed since they are not on chain).

Hive makes a guy like Elon Musk obsolete. Whether one believes in his cause or not, the fact that he is undertaking it shows the problems with Web 2.0. Essentially, like the banking system, we have a situation where the trust model is completely broken.

Unfortunately, this gets even worse. By releasing the Twitter files, we are learning that the US Government was able to influence the banning of content. Not only did we see this politically motivated but the security agencies were also involved. Hence, we have departments of the government essentially telling Twitter what to remove.

This is a bad scene when the government starts to control the narrative. Most are aware the deep state is a major problem. This is further evidence of it. Sadly, it goes much further than politics.

Here is where the software and distribution of Hive offers a different alternative.

Hive Is A Challenge To The Legacy System

What makes Hive so different?

Blockchain takes centralization and turns it on its ear. Instead of a basic controlled server environment, this relies upon a distributed network of computers. Here we see the operations moved outside the reach of the legacy system (and agencies). It is also where it becomes a challenge.

Using Twitter as an example, this is taking on authority at every level.

At the top is Twitter itself. We covered this in detail so we won't go into it. The only thing to highlight is the fact that Twitter, like Hive, uses a front end tied to a database. For Twitter both are controlled by the company. With Hive, we have a permissionless database that is accessed by many different front ends.

Then we have the political establishment. If political parties are using their influence or connections to have opposing viewpoints censored, that ability ends with Hive. No matter what they want to do, once it is on chain, immutability takes over.

Finally there is the government itself. Whatever alphabet agency wants to stick its nose in, using the common excuses like terrorism they want, they find the same results as the politicians. Hive is global, outside the claws of the US Government. While it could make things a bit difficult, stopping Hive is impossible.

Of course, at this point, Hive is so far off the radar, we basically can do what we want. This is a blessing since it gives us time to prepare for the eventual onslaught we will face. Development of infrastructure is crucial as well as further distribution.

No Dictator Is Freedom

The only way to have freedom is to remove the dictator.

Our digital world is full of entities that are in control mode. This is something that we are working on changing.

People do not realize how revolutionary Hive is. We hear a lot about regulation. Not only is it not possible to regulate Hive, we could not comply even if we wanted. To adhere means filling out documentation for the agencies to process. Since there is no company in control, even completing the paperwork is impossible.

True account ownership is a concept that goes unnoticed. When one loses it, they take to other social media platforms screaming how unfair it is. Never do they move and start building in an area where their account is in their control.

The key here is that everyone on Hive is building something that cannot be taken away from them. Without a dictator, Hive offers freedom.

As for Musk, even with the best of intentions, it did not take long for the dictator to emerge.

Hence, Twitter is just switching chairs on the Titanic; from one controlling entity to another.

Once again, Hive solves this.

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