Noise.Cash: People Still Trying To Build Walled Systems

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Some insist on operating the same way they always have.

We talk about change and how cryptocurrency can unleash a different future for humanity. Of course to do that, people need to behave differently. It seems that we are going to have to embark upon the same path for a while until the mindset of people change.

The discussion around Web 3.0 is a fascinating one. It offers the ability to unleash creativity and a new system whereby people are rewarded for their efforts. Sadly, many who are developing the applications are still constructing according to Web 2.0 applications.

We see no better example of this than with Noise.Cash. The microblogging application that rewards users with tips of BCash came out with this statement.

It does seem the people on Hive did a good job getting involved with that application and using it as a platform to promote some of the different applications this ecosystem offers. This obviously does not bode well with the "tipping committee".

While it is understandable they do not want to be overrun by spam, it is evident they do not have a problem with the posts as they still encourage them. This makes sense since activity is key.

However, where they err is the mindset that there are "competing cryptocurrencies" which they define as anything other than BCash. Certainly, it is obvious to see how they fail to see the big picture. It is this limited view that is stalling the effort.

These people want to have a nice walled garden whereby BCash is the winner. They have the competing idea that for them to win, someone has to lose. This is not the mindset that is needed.

It also is not the idea that foster openness. Instead, they are behaving in a manner similar to what Twitter and Facebook do.

Imagine, for a second, if the Leofinance team came out and said we are no longer going to promote or support posts that discuss anything other than LEO or CUB. Thus, anything that mentions Bitcoin, Ethereum, or even Hive will be disregarded.

That would equate to what Noise.Cash is doing.

Of course, there is another level to this foolishness.

They claim their goal is to have "Bitcoin Cash adoption". Well, isn't that accomplished by putting the token in the hands of more people? Certainly this is how adoption rates increase.

Yet in this instance they want to create an echo chamber similar to what we see on other social media platforms. Sure they will accept content about other cryptocurrencies and platforms but will only reward those that discuss BCash.

Ironic since the BCash users do not need incentive to get excited about BCash.


Noise.Cash has succeeded in taking a Web 3.0 concept, applying tokenization to social media activity and merged it with a Web 2.0 philosophy, we will only reward what we approve of.

We must point out that, as far as I know, this is not a Web 3.0 application anyway. It seems to be a centralized system trying to operate like a Twitter while maintaining control. Unless I am mistaken, the posts are not tied to a blockchain nor is someone in full control of his or her account.

Essentially, we are looking at a half-assed attempt at forging a difference. What started out as a successful project is quickly turning into mud. When one wants a platform simply to promote a single idea, that is not a very resilient system. In fact, it really has little point.

Talking about BCash is a good thing. Certainly, it is one of the tokens that is part of the change in the world and there is no reason to ignore it. While I am not an expert on it, I am sure there are many positives to that token and what is happening with that chain.

That said, limiting the content that is considered worthy of reward makes little sense. Here we see another centralized system of control. Again, this is not something that was hidden. There are specific terms of service related to this application, thus it does not pretend to be immutable.

In the end, we see nothing more than a walled system being erected. Sure they want to center it around BCash but it is still a controlled social media platform.

One of the drawbacks to the present social media applications is the fact that it is now evident that not all topics of conversation is welcomed. Instead, we have platforms that specialize in censorship. While Noise.Cash has not taken that step, it is not a stretch to envision this in the future.

The reality of the situation is the world does not need half-assed solutions to the problems faced with social media. What is needed is true Web 3.0 applications that are immutable, where the accounts are controlled by the owners, and nothing can be censored.

For this to take place, all content needs to be tied to a decentralized blockchain.

Hive and its associated applications provide this. We see a system where the applications are not competing with each other. In fact, if one steps back and looks at it, they all feed into each other. As one application gains success, it brings more users to the table who then can gravitate towards all else that is offered here.

Since all the data is pulled from the same area, the blockchain, nobody has an exclusive on the content. All applications can read it unless they decide to block some of it. Yet, even in that instance, the data is still on chain for anyone to read.

As for the microblogging, Leofinance is working on an application that will fit the criteria mentioned above. It seeks to be a true Web 3.0 Twitter-alternative where content is immutable and individuals are in full control of their account.

Once this finally sees the light of day, I think Noise.Cash will end up being nothing more than an afterthought. Simply, the world does not need another application where the user base is controlled.

It is time for us to move away from that.

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