Stablecoin Adoption Growing: Protecting Populations Around The World

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There are a lot of attacks levied against stablecoins these days. However, when we get out of the developed world perspective, we see how beneficial they already are.

In this video I discuss how stablecoins are spreading the US dollar and increasing the scope of that monetary policy. Also, it is protecting many against local currencies that are extremely volatile, especially to the down side. Finaally, we cover how HBD has a leg up because it is decentralized, removing a layer of vulnerability.

▶️ 3Speak

The face of the world is changing. Hopefully we are in the wave.


Stablecoins provide us with that security of feeling protected, for example here in Venezuela the price of our fiat currency has devalued a bit with respect to the dollar and stablecoins allow us to protect ourselves a bit


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