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Over the past couple weeks I wrote a number of articles about the *Metaverse. The lastest discussed Universal Avatars as a major piece going forward.

The reason for covering this topic is because it is a concept that is going to be garnering a lot more attention down the road. Quite simply it is the direction we are heading in and few are aware of it. While it is mostly in the conceptual stage, we see part of the foundation emerging.

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Of late, it became evident that @splinterlands is part of this shift. We know a lot is happening with this and it exemplifies what the future is about.

The Metaverse is primarily dealing with gaming at the moment. This will, however, expand into all areas of our lives. In short, the Internet is growing up.


This is a tag that many are starting to use. It is also a novel concept, one that captures the essence of the Metaverse.

Play2Earn is changing the face of gaming. By using blockchain, in- game currencies now have monetary value. At the same time, due to NFTs, all in-game assets are property. With the emergence of governance tokens, we see things shifting away from the corporate owned model of gaming.

On the latest podcast of CryptoManics, I was asked if people could now make a living off Splinterlands. There is no doubt the game is expanding in what is offered. Certainly, when looking at a question like this, it depends upon one's location and financial situation. Some people have a much higher level they need to reach due to cost of living requirements.

That said, Splinterlands is showing everyone how the #play2earn model is emerging. Anyone can start in the game with a basic pack and get rewarded. Each game provides a payout which adds up over time. Long-term players amass cards and other tokens that enhances the ability to succeed.

It is a concept that will spread throughout much of gaming. Ultimately, many will have the choice of playing a game from a major corporation for little financial return or join something like Splinterlands whereby one accumulates monetary value and assets.

Which do you think most will opt for?

Online Profession

By the end of this decade, the Metaverse will be how a lot of people make there "living".

We are seeing the expansion of the Internet. Basically, this is going to be ubiquitous. Many are already to the point where they are "online" all the time. This is going to grow as more becomes smart. With sensors being put into most things, a digital layer is forming around our physical world.

To me, we are seeing a blending between the online and offline worlds. This is going to alter how people interact and what type of earnings or rewards they get.

The expansion of blockchain is going to be a foundation in what is taking place. This offers applications (and games) the ability to build in rewards for whatever activities are pertinent to that project.

Taking this idea out further, we can see the tokenization process being applied to most everything. This means that people's professions will basically be their online activity.

So yes, individuals will be making a living off a game like Splinterlands, or at least part of their income. For the early days, this game is every bit of the Metaverse as we are shaping it up now.

It is also providing a "visual" for how things are going to unfold over the next couple of decades. The game is incorporating a lot of components that will be present in the virtual world. With the land sale, we can see how development in that area is going to take place.

Now couple this with Virtual Reality and we see the promise that Splinterlands is providing.

Driven By Entertainment

What if work became a thing of the past? Are we moving towards an existence where everything can be summed up as "entertainment"?

This is the foundation of the Metaverse. In such a world, people volunteer for all they experience. Thus, one is not forced to engage but, rather, joins the events based upon his or her own free will.

Imagine for a second, within the Splinterlands game, a build out of virtual towns and cities. One would travel throughout that realm, engaging in "game" activities that provided a monetary return. While the person is doing it for the entertainment value, since there is a form of compensation, isn't that what work is?

Since we are looking at something that is ubiquitous, people will be engaging in this realm all the time. Add in automation (AI) and we can easily see how many things will operate without human involvement. Augmented Reality will serve to bridge the physical with the digital.

In short, the Internet is going to evolve from social to experiential. With technology advancing, we are going to see more sense brought into these platforms. Hence, something like Splinterlands, when we are operating in full immersion, could offer a host of other features that enhance the experience of all.

Of course, this will also be enhanced by additional rewards as one goes deeper and further into the game.

If we understand the mechanisms that are being put in place for the Metaverse, we can see how Splinterlands is on the road to embracing what is happening. It is a game that is played for fun and enjoyment. However, it is also one that has many layers of financial opportunity. Over the past couple years, each layer of development added to the potential for each person involved. Now we see both players and investors benefitting.

This is the essence of the Metaverse. Too many are still tied to the idea that something "virtual" is not real. This is a mistake, usually shown by one's generation. The Millennials, those who grew up with the Internet, do not have this problem. Something online can have extreme value even if it does not exist in physical form. After all, what does Facebook own in the physical world that makes it a trillion dollar company?

A game like Splinterlands has very few limitations. Since it operates in the digital world, more can be added to it. Layer upon layer can be built, enhancing the experience of each player. At the same time, the financial opportunities can just keep growing.

This is a rarity right now but in a decade it will be commonplace.

Welcome to the Metaverse*.

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