Undiscovered Gem: Hive Is The Most Valuable Digital Real Estate

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With new technology comes different ways of looking at things. For those who are on board early, adjusting their viewpoint, they can really profit. Unfortunately, most are stuck in the old paradigm which tends to leave then trailing in their understanding.

We all heard the term "digital real estate" but what does that truly mean? How can we incorporate this concept into our thinking to better understand what is unfolding? At the same time, is this something we can benefit from?

Sadly, it appears we saw the same mindset applied to digital real estate. Most approached it as something to invest in, to flip for profit. The NFT craze really epitomized this.

If one truly wants to grasp web 3.0, it is best to see how digital real estate enters and why Hive is a massive opportunity.

In this article we will further explore the future potential of Hive and why the article detailing $100 HIVE was misunderstood by some.



The Evolution Of Real Estate

When you hear the term real estate, what comes to mind?

This will obviously vary from each individual. However, the starting point of this conversation is land. This is something that does not pop into the minds of most since we live in areas that are already built out. Yet, all real estate, including the likes of New York and Tokyo, started as land.

From there, people built on it. This is important to stress. We often discuss the idea of building on Hive.

The raw land was cleared, utilities put in, and buildings constructed. Depending upon whether it was commercial or residential, we saw homes, offices, and stores erected. The former obviously allowed people to have shelter.

Commercial real estate is very important because it allowed individuals to start businesses. This is where we see economies jumpstart. While real estate is traditionally a large part of the economic productivity, the establishment of other businesses is crucial.

When enough builders get together, what happens? Villages and towns form. Over time, as more people flock to the area, growth continues until it becomes a city. New York did not start with 8 million people and every inch of land housing some structure. Yet, over the last 3 centuries, this is exactly what happened.

Hive As Digital Real Estate

Hive is some of the most valuable real estate there is. It is fertile ground conducive to the growing of food. There is an abundance of natural resources. We also have gorgeous views of the ocean.

This is what technology in the digital realm does. It makes the "land" the most valuable. How often do we see the idea that the best technology doesn't win thrown out? Aside from the fact that, while true, it is not the norm. The best technology usually wins. If we internalize the concept of digital real estate, we can see how Hive keeps moving towards pristine.

Does that mean a oceanfront lot is more valuable than one in a downtown neighborhood with a 50 story skyscraper on it? Of course not. Here is where the development and building enters the picture.

Raw land only goes so far. After that, it is up to the structured erected along with the businesses that occupy them. This is what separates New York City, Tokyo, and London from most everything else. El Paso (Texas) might be a thriving city yet it cannot compare to what these others offer. The land itself is only a small piece of the equation.

Hive Is For Builders

How many times have we talked about people, i.e. entrepreneurs, coming to Hive and building on it? At the same time, what is the percentage of deaf ears this fell upon?

If people understood the concept of Hive as digital real estate, they would see why it ranks where it does. The land is pristine but the construction is still lagging. Obviously, this impacts the economy since there are few businesses.

Ethereum, on the other hand, is thriving in this regard. That economy is fantastic. The only problem is they built it in the middle of a desert. Of course, Las Vegas proved that desert cities can thrive. Yet, in our analogy, Sin City is far below the likes of NY, Chicago, SF, and Los Angeles.

We often state how Hive is a hidden gem. Again, using the real estate mindset, we know what this means. The Internet is filled with articles discussing different towns or cities that are hidden gems in terms of the quality of life. Over time, some do get discovered.

This is what I believe will happen to Hive.

People who decide to build on Hive are planting their stake in the most fertile ground there is. When Blocktrades talks about the technology being far superior to what is in blockchain, that is telling us what we are tapping into.

In other words, this is the foundation upon which all else can spring.

Would you rather hold land in St. Louis or New York City? At the moment, the leader in cryptocurrency is St. Louis, yet in the long run it will be outpaced.

Look At Hive As A Town

People need to stop looking at blockchain as an investment. Certainly it has that component to it as does real estate. That said, most of the population does not get involved in real estate for speculation purposes. Instead, they utilize it as shelter and to house their business. This can come in the form of ownership or through the rental market.

Hive is a metropolis in the making. Right now, it is a very small town. The real estate (raw land) is abundant since not much was claimed. Nevertheless, for those who have the vision and are willing to work to make it come true, they are starting to build their businesses here.

Make no mistake, anyone with a Hive account can think of him or herself as a business. In fact, if one is to be successful, that is the best mindset to have.

What will it take for Hive to be successful? Obviously, it requires a lot of building. This means we need businesses that generate economic output. It is vital to get the Hive economy flowing.

Stop Looking At This As An Investment

Who made New York City famous? Name the one who put Miami on the map? How about Buenos Aires? Tokyo? Madrid?

While certain areas are often associated with a founder or settler, rarely is it identified with just one person. The same is true for most businesses.

Who is behind Nokia? Kyocera? Home Depot? HSBC?

Some feel Hive is not going to succeed because it lacks the "face". Here is where people make that viewpoint clear. To them, this is nothing more than an investment meant to be pumped, i.e. price. The concept of digital real estate, building, and economic activity never enter the equation.

This is all going to change. Elon Musk is going to force this down the throats of everyone with his approach to Twitter. As we stated, he has the goal of making Twitter the largest financial institution in the world. To him, it is far more than a social media platform although that component is vital because it is the feeder system.

Musk understands that Twitter can become a digital platform with its own economy. This is what TikTok, YouTube, and Facebook are lacking. It is far easier for Musk to incorporate shorts into Twitter than it is for the others to develop an economy. The latter is a result of not even focusing upon it.

When we look at the blockchain world, where do we see this same potential? Quite simply, the only real estate that can truly house this is Hive. It is the most pristine real estate to build upon (technology) and incorporates something that most do not: decentralized immutable text storage at the base layer.

With Hive, we are not in Kansas anymore.

There is a lot of open land available. This will not always be the case. It is time for builders to step up and start erecting the town.

As for the face of Hive, remember that Apple was a niche computer company with poor stock performance for decades. In spite of having Steve Jobs, it was a nothing company until the IPhone emerged. Then it exploded.

Hive is niche but it will be the development that turns it into something much bigger.

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