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The other day we had a post discussing ways to increase engagement on Leofinance.

One of the suggestions was to hold an Ask Me Anything. Here is the opportunity for the community to post questions and the author, in this instance, me, to respond.


We will have to slightly alter this a bit.

This is a post that is being made on the Leofinance front end. Thus, we will need to keep it within the bounds of what Leofinance stands for.

Instead of Ask Me Anything, this will be a Ask Me Anything about crypto or finance related topics.

Even with this, it is a rather large spectrum to cover.

People say it is good to have a goal so let's go for a minimum of 100 questions being asked in this post.

Also, I encourage others to follow suit over the next few days.

Together, we can make this a raging success.

Have fun and fire away.

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