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The morphing of Leofinance.

This is an important concept. It is vital to have flexibility tied to innovation. We all know that being right on everything is impossible. Innovation involves a lot of testing. Experimentation is the central component.

For this reason, there will be failures. It is said the greatest successes fail the most. Look at any of the leading companies and you will see some epic failures. Anyone remember New Coke?

What is uplifting about Leofinance is that it always showed the inclination to adapt and alter things. If something does not work, try something else. This is hard for many to grasp since they are accustomed to looking at finished products. Google was not like it is today in the early stages. Neither was Bank of America nor JP Morgan. These entites grew over time.

With cryptocurrency, we are dealing with something that is in the earliest of stages. The potential is enormous, especially within something like decentralized finance. However, up to this point, there were a lot of failures.

The same is true within the Leofinance ecosystem itself.


Cubfinance As An Epicenter

During the AMA today, Khal talked about the idea of Cub as a primary vehicle in the finance area of the ecosystem. The idea of Polycub being its own token was a mistake in hindight. Instead, it should have been an offshoot of Cub.

Alas, it is easy to be right looking back.

So what is the future plans? As of now, there is just discussion and speculation. The idea espoused is to make Cub a central premise with wrapped versions being established. This could extend to both Polycub and Ethereum.

We also could continue the use of derivatives with a wHBD and wHIVE created. This would open up more arbitrage opportunities while allowing for the inflation of Cub to be filtered to different areas. Through the mechanisms that are being developed, the buying pressure would grow as the revenues increase.

This is an interesting idea to say the least.

Tokenomics is a tough thing to get right from the start. It is impossible to know what will work in the wild. One thing we can say, monkeying around with the distribution rarely accomplishes anything. On the contrary, basic business building ideas have to be implemented.

Of course, this can take us down many paths but the idea is the same. Somehow, applications need to attract users to kick off a network effect which, ultimately, has to be monetized. Cub is doing a good job at generating revenue as posted in the monthly reports that are put out.

It is a situation that should be expanded.

LeoThreads As An On Ramp

Often it is hard to see the interconnection between everything. Right now, the bridges between the different apps are drawn with invisible ink. Over time, hopefully it will become clearer.

LeoThreads has the potetial to pull in thousands of users. While this is not a lot by traditional social media metrics, the fact that we could add a few thousand would really boost both Hive and Leofinance. From there, it is the education of what else the platform offers, a way to start building more value.

This will likely have to wait until the new front end is created and a few updates provided. We can expect some bugs upon release because that is how the world of development goes.

That said, with an aggressive development plan, would could see the ability to attract some more users. We are not going to overtake Twitter, which should not be the goal. Instead, it is to target those users who understand the idea of account ownership, Web 3.0, and where things are going.

We know there are a few tbousand people out there who qualify as that.

Once they are in the ecosystem, the power of what is being developed can take over. Hive is seeing some applications that can be signficant starting to emerge. This is true within Leofinance also.

When we combine all this happening, we can see that anyone who enters and takes a serious look around will find many opportunities.

Like anything in life, the key is to keep going and pushing forward. Nothing happens without action. While mistakes will be made and things do not work out, the fact that we have so many people unwilling to quit shows where the outcome will be.

Project teams like Leofinance that keep trying new things will eventually find the combination that works. Perhaps making Cubfinance the epicenter of the financial aspect of the platform is a good idea.

It is worthy of more investigation.

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