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This is the core concept of technology.

It is easy to see how as technology advances, we are able to achieve (do) more with less. This is epitomized by computational power. We get a lot more processing out of smaller chips.

Less material. Less power. Less space.

Yet we still are able to get the same (or greater) output.

Here is where we see expansion taking place. A core concept to building networks is the more they grow, the more they can achieve. As more powerful entities join, either technological or social, we see the ability to propel things forward in a way not previously envisioned.

It is also why human progress keeps expanding and growing.


As we embark upon the virtual world, we see even greater potential. We are closing in on the need to adhere to physical laws and enter the realm of the infinite (or near). The transition to the virtual will allow even greater possibilities for each individual.

Over the centuries, we saw money change form yet it was always tied to the physical. Whether it was based in gold, paper, or whatever form, there was a limit due to its physical nature. This, of course, changed as we entered the digital realm.

With cryptocurrency, we are seeing this taken to even greater heights. Abundance is upon us since the ability to create money is tasked to every individual. This is a complete change from centralized entities that presently run the world.

In a near-infinite realm, the potentiality of humanity is increased by orders of magnitude. Our economics are going to be completely rewritten. Our present models were designed decades ago, in a world where capital, labor, and raw materials ruled. With quantum, nano, and virtual taking over, we see a shift in how our models will work.

Eventually, automation in the virtual will allow us to enjoy abundance never thought possible. It will consume less energy, time, and attention. We will be operating many different avatars, all operating as our own personal "workers". In the end, we will be pushing them into a variety of worlds, simultaneously, embarking upon great adventures.

Could we process all of this at once? Some theorize that it will be possible. If brain-to-computer interfaces are perfected, we will be able to process multiple ideas at one time. This will truly make us "superior" to what we are today.

When we look at how far blockchain and crypto came in the past 5 years, we can see how much potential exists in the new half decade. Ethereum only just celebrated its 5th birthday. Steem/Hive is still not yet at the half decade mark. Cardano, Polkadot, and EOS were not even thoughts at that time.

DeFi exploded the last 12 months. It will likely continue as it reaches out to other chains. The tens of billions will transform into trillions by mid-decade. This is how radical the growth rate can be.

We are involved in a world of a self-organizing super system. It is decentralized and distributed. This means that each participant is adding on a daily basis, taking the entity on a path without any pre-set direction.

The momentum that comes from more development and activity equates rapid growth. In totality, this becomes a living, breathing mechanism that takes on a life on its own.

Incentives are being designed to benefit the masses. Instead of an exclusionary system, we are seeing inclusion as the main characteristic. This will allow more people to profit without costing others.

The Network Effect is a powerful mechanism. It is the basis for the wealthiest companies on the planet. The key is to utilize this principle for the benefit of billions, not just a select few on Wall Street.

Technology is our ally in this venture. Unlike 30 years ago where finding developers was difficult, today coders are on every corner of the planet. We see people from all kinds of backgrounds able to contribute.

Those who are around a few years can see how much different things are. Even if we look back 12 months, which was still 1 month before the Hive split, we can see how altered things are compared to that time.

Now try to picture where things will be in 12 months from now.

The reality is we have a difficult time judging how quickly things are truly moving. The next 12 months will see a lot more created than was in the same time just gone by.

Technology is pushing things ahead and those of us involving ourselves in cryptocurrency and blockchain are immersed right in the middle of it. This means we have some major forces behind us.

For this reason, the potential for massive gains are open to all. It is something we simply do not see in the present financial system. Yet, as mentioned, we are entering a completely different realm.

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