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Over the last couple weeks, I put together a number of posts mentioning how it is up to make Leofinance a place which is thriving.

The reason is simple: with new LEO initiatives meant to onboard new users, especially from the Ethereum world, we need to show this place to be thriving for those who show up here.

After nobody, few are going to return if the place is rather dead.

One of the best ways to stimulate engagement is through comments. So far, it looks like the community is doing a pretty good job of this.

Nevertheless, I wanted to toss out an idea and see if we could gain a commitment from a decent percentage of the community.


Here is the "Initiative of 10".

What does this mean?

Simply it is a target that each of us sets daily in terms of the number of comments we will leave. As many of us are already spending a fair bit of time on Leofinance, reading many posts throughout the day, it only makes sense for us to put up a comment when going through someone's post.

Therefore, can we get a large group of people to each commit to posting 10 comments per day. If one is already spending the time on Leofinance, it is not out of the realm. Many are already doing that and to those, I commend you.

If you are willing to make a public commitment, please let us know in the comment section.

Comment Buddy

This is another idea I had to try and really jump start the activity.

Essentially, the idea is to get with someone else as a "comment buddy" to put together a "conversation" in a post at least once a day. We all have seen this where a couple people are engaging in a "conversation", going back and forth. This ultimately puts up dozens of comments as others tend to join in.

Under this scenario, we each get with someone else in an effort to promote this idea. Imagine if there were 5-10 teams doing this in different posts, we could see hundreds of comments in total being place.

Again, this is something that is meant to lay the foundation for others to follow. Too many posts have little to no engagement. This is something that is within our control to change. Essentially, the goal is to get a handful of posts to register 20-30 comments. On daily basis, this would have great impact.

We all saw those posts on Steem/Hive that ended up with a hundred of more comments. Some of the "discussions" in them went on for what seemed like pages of scrolling down.

While we cannot expect this in most posts, it would be great to get a few that fall into this category. Of course, this is not exclusive to Leofinance since all activity is shown on the other front ends.

Therefore, if a number of us get together and start these conversations, on a daily basis, we can see a radical increase in engagement within certain posts.

Once again, let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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