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The day finally arrived. Well one of them anyway.

Leofinance is on a long path forward and we have another iteration of the plan completed.

Today saw the release of the *mobile application on Android. It is now on the Google Play Store for beta testing. This was something we followed for the last few weeks as the promise release date was first introduced. Unfortunately, such as is the case with development, things often take longer than anticipated.

It is no longer the case for Android users. Of course, hopefully, Apple releases the IOS version of the application soon.


What This Means

This is an obvious step forward. More than half the traffic on the Internet is accessed via mobile. Therefore, having a mobile application as opposed to a mobile friendly site is vital. Leofinance now accomplished that, at least with one operating system.

However, there is another piece to the puzzle which this is working towards. It is, my opinion, going to be bigger than anything we saw introduced by the Leofinance project. This could, if promoted properly, be one of the biggest innovations to hit Web 3.0 so far.

Having the mobile application means the coding is in place for the long awaited #projectblank.

That application is going to be a fork of what was just introduced. Naturally, we have to wait for the bugs to be worked out of the new application before major development can take place on #projectblank. Nevertheless, the release date was delayed as many of the bugs with the limited testers were resolved. Thus, it appears we are much further along than we were at the beginning of the month.

Could this mean we see an acceleration of the rollouts?

The answer to that seems to be an affirmative. While #projectblank will take some time, we can expect updates to the Leofinance mobile application to happen at a steady pace. We already witnessed this out of the team when the website was getting an update every couple weeks. New features were added, many proposed by the community.

It only stands to reason that we will see something similar with the mobile application. What we have now is a scaled down version, a MVP if you will. We can expect the next couple months to see the expansion of the this application can do.

That is, though, just a warm up.

How Big Can ProjectBlank Be?

Here we see the Big Kahuna of what we know about so far. There is little proposed in the cryptocurrency world that can rival what the plan is with this application. The fact that the Leofinance mobile application is going to be forked means that a great deal of the work is already completed.

There is little doubt the impact Twitter had on the world. It is one of the Big 3 social media outfits (YouTube/Facebook) with over 330 million monthly users. This is quite a base to work from.

A great deal of the problem with cryptocurrency is that it does not major in ease of use. For the average person, it is still too technical. Therefore, getting application in people's hands which are familiar to them and simple to use is vital.

It is my understanding this will be the case with #projectblank. It will mirror Twitter in many ways, resulting in "Twitter on the Blockchain" as Khal calls it. This means the transition should be rather simple.

Another issue with cryptocurrency appears to be keys. Fortunately, there is work being done that will make the sign up with Twitter, Facebook, Google, and email available for all applications, including #projectblank. It is a move that will allow anyone to get started immediately with Web 3.0 while still having the knowledge of Web 2.0. Over time, they can expand their understanding to transition.

One of the biggest challenges is people are having their digital lives erased as social media platforms close down accounts. We know one of the promises of Web 3.0 is the ability for one to own his or her account.

With #projectblank, we see the account management come from Hive. This means that anyone signing up will have a Hive account created which can be claimed at a later date. However, they are instantly active on the blockchain, even without realizing it.

Finally, and we do not know how quicly this will be implemented, but there was discussion of people being able to download the data in their Twitter accounts to #projectblank (Hive). This means they will never lose their data even if that platform does target the account.

As we can see, the talking points of this application are already in place. Once it is released, the opportunity exists to help millions break away from the tyranny of Web 2.0. A fully operational application that provides the functionality of what people are accustomed to will surely be a hit.

I fully believe #projectblank carries that potential.

In the meantime, we have a lot of testing to do with the mobile application. This is one step in a longer path. Do not underestimate the impact of what took place. It was a massive move towards a much larger end.

Development takes time, a lot of it. For the past 14 months, since starting the concept of @leomarkettalk, I watched the evolution of an idea into something exponentially more powerful. Knowing the course that we are following, today's release was a major step forward.

There is every reason for optimism. Sometimes the best bets are those where a bunch of people put their head down and just build.

That is Leofinance. We are one move closer to the release of #projectblank and that is the true game changer.

Focus upon the end game and do not get caught up in the minor mishaps along the way. Big things are happening with Leofinance.

What is Hive?

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