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It was a good weekend for Leothreads. The platform got a workout and it is likely the development has a good idea what it can handle. Even more importantly, it can now see where upgrades are required.

Either way, I would figure the next level is to be able to handle 100K threads in a day. That is more than 5x what was thrown at it this weekend.

There were some other interesting things to happen. The benefit to Leothreads is the flexibility. It can be used for a variety of things. In fact, we are only limited by the time and creativity we put into it.

Over the last few months, I came upon a few ideas that seemed to make sense. One was threadcasts which took some doing but appear to be taking off. Another that I am toying with now is containers.

That said, we can have things evolving in different ways.

In this article I will discuss one thing I learned about Leothreads.


Conversation For Sharing Knowledge

I was engaged in a drawn out conversation with another member over the weekend. We were talking about cryptocurrency and custodian. It moved into DEX, CEX, and AMM.

Throughout this, it was two-way communication where questions were asked and answers provided. It is a natural flow, something that is not easily achieved with long-form content.

Another great point was it was not planned. The conversation was struck simply through engagement. We moved into a particular area and this started the process.

Leothreads is a tremendous tool for education. One of the results of this interaction is that knowledge was shared. Both of us imparted what we knew, exhancing the understanding we both had.

Leofinance has a lot of people knowledge about many topics, especially those pertaining to cryptocurrency, finance, and investing. These topics can be lifechanging especially for those where knowledge is difficult to come by. It is an easy way to start garnering the basics to improve one's skills.

Thus we have the ability to simply share our knowledge about things.

Education Tag(s)

After mentioned this in a thread, someone jumped on the idea and starting to discuss the idea of using the #education. This is something that shows the flexibility of Leothreads.

Certainly, I didn't go this far with my thinking but why not? The individual was saying how specific topics could be put together under this tag.

I then mentioned to set up a container so the threads with the material would all be together. There could be a different one based upon the specific topic being focused upon.

All of this feeds into the idea of conveying information in a manner where others can learn and expand their knowledge. It doesn't doesnt have to be long draw out articles either.

Sometimes just compiling information for people is enough. Having it as a resource center is a step in the right direction. Also, this can be supplemented by having people ask and answer questions. Again, here is where the direct engagement enters.

Keep Innovating

With Leothreads we have two levels.

The first is obviously technical. Here is where the developers need to do their thing, adding features to the platform.

On top of that we have the social. By this I am not referring to interaction specifically. Instead, I am referring to the creativity we can bring and ideas of how to use the features that exist. For example, threadcast is simply taking what the site can do and coming up with a use case.

This can be done with threads, tags, and other aspects to the site. We can come up with names that will catch on over time such as threadstorm.

Eventually, we then position Leothreads as an alternative to what is out there. Consider how popular Threadcasts are becoming.

It is just the tip of the iceberg. We need to keep focusing upon how to utilize what is provided to us.

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