LeoThreads: The Micro-Earning Revolution

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LeoThreads is a game changer for the entire Hive ecosystem. We know that microblogging is extremely popular among those who frequent the Internet. It is hard to deny the success of Twitter. While he might have overpaid, the $44 billion price tag will likely be a bargain in a few years.

We seek to duplicate this to a degree with Leofinance. The idea of the "Everything App" is being mirrored where we can. The combination of social media and finance is truly revolutionary.

Being involved in Web 3.0, we are dealing with the ability to operate on another level. Tokenization opens up so many opportunities.

For example, imagine being a long time Twitter user and receiving a NFT that gives special privileges not enjoyed by newer people. This is just an illustration of what is possible.

In this article, we are going to investigate something that is also unique: micro-earning.

Many Flows Of Revenue

The above is a screenshot of Hiveblocks. As we can see, it is a list of transactions as processed by the blockchain.

Much of what we are looking at is payouts on comments. This is code for LeoThreads in this instance. When looking at many of the transactions, they are under a container posted by the Leotheads account.

Obviously, we cannot see what is being distributed here. However, what we know is that these are payouts in Hive and HBD. That is how these are structured. At the same time, there is LEO that is also distributed.

Are any of these earth-shattering payouts? No. These amount to a few cents apiece if lucky. However, over time, they do add up.

Here is a screenshot of my account:

We can see the the leothreads payouts. We have the Threads and then comments under threads. Both are paid out and add up.

Hundreds Of Threads

We can see how there is monetary distribution to those threading. Here is where those who understand the concept can really benefit.

The goal is to get as many streams flowing in as possible. This is accomplished by taking more action. What if one does hundreds of threads (and comments) in a day. Naturally, not all will be upvoted. That said, there will be a large number that will.

As we can see, micro-earning relies upon larger numbers in terms of activity and less upon large payments. In other words, it is a numbers game. There could be a time when someone with some decent voting power comes through and hits up some posts with votes.

Actually, there are a number of people who keep zapping their VP on threads. This means some of the LEO rewards are heading into wallets via microblogging. We have to keep in mind a lot of the HIVE voting is under the dust level.

Either way, we are going to see people having a many rewards throughout the day. The screenshots show how this is happening already.

Kick start the process of micro-earning by diving into threads.

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