RE: FTX: Hive Needs To Focus Upon Decentralization

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People need to understand the value of o counterparty risk.

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It’s amazing 2 me how many people are still shocked by these events. We just see a massive destruction of on paper value unfortunately during these processes. That said long term we will see and need the pain to get to the other side and decentralization. I think the leg lower could be far further from here as we see more of this but long run we will be better off.

Love the Crypto Maniacs Podcast!
Just some feedback,The audio was a bit tough on most recent podcast (just made it hard to listen. I’m talking about episode 166) but overall it’s been my favorite crypto regular listen. I boost on Fountain and love 2 support! I appreciate the effort and take it takes very seriously. You’ve changed my opinions on a couple topics and I thank you!
I really look forward to listening and boost every single episode.