RE: The Importance Of SpkNetwork's Infrastructure For Hive

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LEO Finance does ALL of this and sure it's a struggle at times but it's one of the very few projects providing value and running things like a real business that grows.

Khal is funding a lot of things out of his pocket so you dont see it. He keeps feeding a lot of it so it is a rather poor example.

And when you are dealing with open source infrastructure, it has to be built before it is profitable. You are saying a motel should be profitable while the road is being constructed.

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Considering they also take 11% of everything upvoted on their platform they already have a income source. Idk there's just a lot that doesn't add up well for me with SPK lately.

I can't say how much Khal invests of his own money into LEO perhaps it's a little or a lot but that information isn't public so I don't know. I suspect however with 3k+ income coming from ads that that's helped fuel development at least to some extent in the past. Now it's getting paid back to hodlers (perhaps by end of year) but all those fees etc have to be adding up into something decent to continue on the projects.

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