RE: Life In 2050: Some Ideas

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Why would we lose connection to our soul? I mean why anymore than as compared to today?

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Well today people have just begun to get a taste of technology and they are already hooked. Not everybody has a VR set but if they would I doubt that many would leave their houses to get a sense of the real world. If this is happening now when we are just wetting our beaks 2050 I can't see it any better. Will there always be people on the spiritual side no matter the outside circumstances? Sure. But something of the essence of human nature is lost when we connect with screen instead of real people if we have the chance for real human contact. Look at people in a restaurant...Some eat, some talk...some are just on their phone being mentally absent from the entire conversation. Some parents use the phone as the babysitter : the kid is too difficult, hand him the phone so he could shut up. People pick what is easy. Technology is easier to get a grasp of in comparison with the intricate mechanisms of social interaction. I see the social game as being the most complex and it is because of it that societies can thrive or not.