RE: What Is The Right HBD APR Policy?

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The problem with this article in terms of inflation is the same thing we always see.

Here is a discussion about the right rate of inflation yet there is no mention of growth of the economy or the ecosystem. People seem to think that money operates in a vacuum. Yes we can look at the rate inflation but in what context?

I have heard the arguments that the 20% is unsustainable and laugh at it. How can it be unsustainable if the growth of Hive economy is 40%? Considering where we are starting at, this is not a large number.

At the beginning of the year there was 14M HBD and now we are 8.5M. The savings has grown from 2M to 4.4M.

Here is the case in point: what kind of economy does anyone think is going to be powered by $8.5 million? Does anyone think this is a legitimate level of money to facilitate commerce, investment, funding, and collateralization?

10x that number and it still will result in a small economy.

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