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And we can't live forever with the panic of a new JS, we have to move on...
What blockchain have a stake lock of 13 weeks?

It was in place long before JS and is continuing even without the threat of someone like that without the ninja-mined stake.

None have it locked for 13 weeks that I know of. That doesnt mean that it is wrong.

Investors are not shying away from Hive because of the 13 weeks. You mention curation, which is correct, some are interested in that. However, if that is the case, they can power up. I do not think most investors are going to manually curate.

At the end of the day, I see 13 weeks as adding to the stability of the network. The more pieces in place for that, the better.

And yes the 4 week power up time does help but it isnt total insulation. With the 13 weeks, not only does it require a 4 week power up time, but also there are consequences on the back side.

With more layer 2 solutions coming online, there are plenty of opportunities for investing and earning. HIVE is going to have to take on more of a governance role.

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2 yr

Thanks :)
Let's see what is coming.
I'm not sure about reduce power down but also not sure about maintain.
What I'm sure is hive is undervalued and we should do something, also not sure what :)