RE: CBDCs Are The Enemy

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The update for FedNow will roll out on 2023, not a CBDC. That doesnt mean they have not one ready to go just that it is not on its way as of this moment.

Many believe the FedNow upgrade is a CBDC, it is not.

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Gotcha, indeed it being ready to go doesn’t mean they will put it out on this timeline. I just know it’s been worked on since 2015 at Boston Fed in particular under name “ Project Hamilton“ and some old school bitcoin people were hired by Fed and involved since 2015. so it’s clearly legit report that’s it’s ready to go 7 years later. Ultra centralized fascist coin would be a better name frankly. What timeline do you see for CBDC? I don’t think it’s as far off as most think. Project Hamilton of all names also, Its right in our faces.

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