RE: CBDCs Are The Enemy

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Yes that is the obvious part so it is correct. They are the enemy and CBDCs are their weapon. However it is not going to work out well for us.

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It is working out and has worked out for me for now 10 years in this space. cryptocurrenices are here to stay because they make perfect sense. The only thing that is still slowing this space down is slow brains and "fear mongering" by "them".

"if you invest in cryptocurrencies be prepared to lose all your money" - LaGarde, ECB
Well at least I can sell my crypto at any time for monopoly money. I cannot control the €'s inflation rate, banking and commission surge in 2022 and the ECB from raising the interest rate for the first time in 11 years in July (which will further surge fees, commissions and yes, the surge of food and gasoline prices in the EU.

I rather go broke in crypto than letting Banks take what I have for no other reason than stealing from me because "war, inflation, solidarity".