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What pisses me off to no end is that people whine about not earning this and that on their posts, but show NO engagement in comments or even taking the time to comment on others, yet you go see their Twitter feed and they won’t shut up, lol!

That is true. I see so many spending time on Twitter (and Discord) yet you look at their posts and no comments from let (let alone on others posts).

As for the crypto influencers, they are walking a fine line. Those who are involved in Web 3.0, if you will, see quickly the hypocrisy of what they are doing. Sure, it is smart to go where the numbers are. However, if you are going to promote this stuff, then at least utilize it. As you said, no engagement.

I stopped upvoting her stuff too. Simply one looking at bilking the community.

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Same here. They all talk about censorship and the need for decentralized social media yet they don't use it, lol. It's really a laughable joke.


It does become a joke. Amazing that other do not see through it.

I mean, I get it, YouTube is a treasure chest to them and they make some good money off it. I dont besmirch them for that.

However, at least couple that with some activity on the Web 3.0 platforms.

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