RE: Bitcoin: Bankers, Wall Street, And Governments

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For those who have Bitcoin, they will do sensational in my opinion. The institutions will make sure the price goes higher, over the long term. The cap in number makes that a reality, especially if the store of value is there.

However, as the solution to the world's financial problems, to me it is now more of the same. Wall Street and its associated entities are going to be piling in. They will amass at levels the rest of us never dreamed about.

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Yep I agree with this. At least I know all my immediate family has at least .01 BTC. My kids have more and my son is actually just a Bitcoin store and hold kind of guy. At least I aet them up with some Splinterlands stuff and they both own some LIST and COM so they have a little passive income.

It’s funny I am more the risk on guy in the family, lol. I will build my BTC stacks back but being a beginning business, I need as much working at higher yields as possible… Then I can start to reaccumulate BTC. But I am liking the 12% on HBD…