RE: Bitcoin To $38,000?

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Why are you so optimistic about Litecoin?

I am curious. I have some of that too.

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Its kinda like bitcoins little brother IMO, only a ton cheaper. Its legendary and OG, the time its spent surviving as a currency is testament. It is only currency too so its never going to not deliver on it promises. Since Charlie lee sold his stack and distanced himself from it its decentralised enough and been around for long enough. The mining side of it also supports its value since its scarce and not far from satoshis genius POW economic model. Big money will only touch crypto that is big in market cap sn survived long enough to prove itself. This is why Paypal have a few cryptos and lite coin is one of them. This game is all about branding and basically human phycology.
Litecoins biggest problem is other coins stealing its lunch which is why it has not been seen as performing like it could or should. What can be said though is many of these coins will dissapear after there day in the sun and lite coin will just be lite coin and still around. In 20 years who know where it will be in terms of position but i think compared to many it will do well, enough.


No technical or financial reason really. Just the fact that I can usually buy a full (or nearly full) coin. Compared to Bitcoin or Eth. I also believe that as Bitcoin rises, they all rise - so I’m hoping I’ll be able to make back the amount of Hive I’m cashing out now by getting back into Litecoin.